High-end cars, pickups and models are auctioned without a base price: how to participate

High-end cars, pickups and models are auctioned without a base price: how to participate
High-end cars, pickups and models are auctioned without a base price: how to participate


The auctioneer Tattersall Monastery published an auction of more than 11 cars to be auctioned on July 11 in an online auction already enabled on the auctioneer’s platform. The vehicles are offered by several companies as part of their fleet renewal and involve a wide variety of options, ranging from the segment pick up to small cars and high-end vehicles.

Now, among the most notable units are: three Toyota Hilux with 4×4 drive, one manufactured in 2019 and the rest in 2014. In addition, there is a Citroën Jumper and a Fiat Ducato Maxicargo “ambulance type,” they describe from the auctioneer. On the other hand, a Ford Ranger 4×4 of the year 2015.

In another line, at the auction you can bid for a Volkswagen Voyage 2014 and two High-end BMWs, both manufactured in 2020. One of them is the 330i, while the other is the X2. At the time of writing this article, neither of the latter two units have received any offers.

It is worth noting that, although there are no established base prices and it is possible to offer any amount, The purchase of the lot is subject to the approval of the offering company. The auctioneer also suggests a value for which to bid, although it is not mandatory to meet that number.

A Volkswagen Voyage is also offeredMonasterio Tattersall

As with all online auctions, the first step is to have an account on the auctioneer’s official website. In order to participate, on the other hand, A 10% cash deposit or 30% ECHEQ guarantee will be required. A clarification needs to be made on this.

The first percentage mentioned is 10% of each user’s credit on the auctioneer’s website. Once an account has been created, money can be deposited through a cash deposit or bank transfer to become an asset on the website, as if it were a virtual wallet. It is on this deposited amount that the 10% is paid.

As for the second, “it is the modality recommended by the auction house since it is requested that it be prepared with a deferred date. Since it is not deposited, no money is moved and unnecessary debit and credit costs are avoided,” they explained.

Once this is done, it remains to bid the number of times deemed necessary for a lot. The highest bid will always prevail and bids cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. “If any participant makes a bid within the last thirty seconds before closing, the timer will add thirty more secondsso that all interested bidders have the opportunity to make new offers. And so on,” they said.


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