Krispy Kreme has 2 for 1 on its prepared drinks this July 9

Krispy Kreme has 2 for 1 on its prepared drinks this July 9
Krispy Kreme has 2 for 1 on its prepared drinks this July 9
Illustrative image. 2×1 drinks at Krispy Kreme this Tuesday. PHOTO ART: Antonio Miranda | MERCA2.0

Krispy Kreme announced that this Tuesday, July 9, they will have their drinks prepared 2 for 1 to enjoy this summer season.

The brand announced this news through its official website, where it lists the prepared drinks included in this promotion.

Krispy Kreme’s goal with this promotion is for consumers to enjoy their drinks on this cloudy or sunny day depending on where you are.

Below we will give you all the details about the 2×1 promotion that Krispy Kreme will have this Tuesday, July 9.

Krispy Kreme 2×1 Promotion this July 9

The 2 for 1 Krispy Kreme promotion consists of prepared drinks and applies to any size.

It does not apply with other promotions or discounts, nor on bottled products, and does not include extras or milk exchanges. The highest priced drink will be charged.

This 2×1 applies to all stores including those within Liverpool. It does not apply to branches that do not have a drinks menu or airports. Available for orders via WhatsApp and Delivery platforms.

Some drinks you can order

If you are one of those who cannot start your day without a coffee, these drinks are perfect for you:

  • Roasted Espresso Americano Coffee: Delicious Americano prepared with Krispy Kreme’s 100% Mexican coffee beans, always ground to order. Try its intense, roasted flavor. You can order it hot or in a fresh version served with ice.
  • Cappuccino: A coffee shop classic made with espresso and foamed milk, it will awaken your senses in its three versions: hot, cold and frozen. It is the ideal drink to accompany any doughnut during your visit to Krispy Kreme.
  • Latte: One of our favorites is this creamy espresso-based drink, balanced with steamed milk and a hint of vanilla, you can enjoy it hot or cold served with ice.

If what you are looking for in a drink is the irresistible flavor of chocolate, we recommend you try:

  • Mokaccino Abuelita: A unique mocha made with coffee and the incomparable flavor of Abuelita Chocolate. Try it in a frozen version with crushed ice and decorated with whipped or hot cream.
  • Chocolate Abuelita: Enjoy a smooth and delicious drink made from Chocolate Abuelita. Try it in its 3 versions: cold, hot or frozen and let your palate discover a new way to love this traditional drink.

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Brand data

It is an international chain famous for its glazed donuts made to order, fresh off the production line.

Founded in 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, by Vernon Rudolph, Krispy Kreme has expanded globally and become an iconic brand in the doughnut industry.

Krispy Kreme’s best-known feature is its doughnut production process, which includes the famous “Original Glazed” doughnuts, which are dipped in a special glaze while still hot, giving them a soft texture and distinctive flavor.

In addition to donuts, this company also offers a variety of other baked goods, coffee, and beverages. The brand has gained popularity for its stores that often feature open windows so customers can watch the donut-making process.

Over the years, this brand has expanded its presence to numerous countries and has gained a loyal fan base due to the quality and distinctive taste of its products.


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