He ate a mini robot and showed live how the pill that promises to end endoscopies works

He ate a mini robot and showed live how the pill that promises to end endoscopies works
He ate a mini robot and showed live how the pill that promises to end endoscopies works

The medicine is constantly evolving thanks to new technologies, and a startup has taken a significant step by developing a mini robot that could end the need for traditional endoscopies.

Endiaxan innovative company, has presented PillBota small robotic pill that allows real-time visualization of the interior of the human body, revolutionizing current diagnostic methods.

Endiatx co-founder and engineer Alex Luebke gave a daring demonstration by ingesting one of these pills live during a TED talk. As PillBot’s tiny internal camera captured images, they were displayed on a giant screenallowing the public to observe the inside of Luebke’s body in real time.

This impressive demonstration not only demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the device, but also captured global attention, accumulating more than 44 million views in less than ten days.

An unprecedented live broadcast and a TED talk

During the talk, Vivek Kumbhari, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic and co-founder of Endiatx, was in charge of transmitting live images of Luebke’s body to the attendees.

The pill, Wirelessly controlled, it navigated through the businessman’s stomach and esophagus, revealing every internal detail.Luebke noted that historically, the only way to examine the inside of the human body was through invasive and rudimentary surgeries. Now, thanks to PillBot’s microrobotics, it is possible to perform these examinations in a less invasive way and with greater precision.

Dr Kumbhari added that PillBot has the ability to obtain images comparable to those of a traditional endoscopebut without the inconveniences of an invasive procedure. If widely used, this technology could transform the way medical diagnoses are made, improving the patient experience and reducing the risks associated with conventional surgeries.

What is PillBot, the mini robot that will put an end to endoscopies?

Endiatx has come a long way to perfect PillBot, going through around 50 previous versions until reaching the current design, which is the size of a common pill. This development has required an investment of approximately 28 billion Colombian pesos.

Company founder Torrey Smith has tested the prototype 43 times, demonstrating his commitment to product innovation and safety. PillBot is currently in phase three of clinical trials, a critical stage before its scheduled commercial launch in 2026.

PillBot’s design stands out for its multi-pump propulsion systemwhich allows the device to move in various directions by emitting jets of fluid, without causing harm to the patient.

Besides, It is equipped with a camera that transmits high-resolution video at 2.3 megapixels per second and LED lights, making it easy for the doctor to follow the transmission wirelessly.These features overcome the limitations of traditional endoscopies, offering a more advanced and less invasive alternative.

Endiatx plans to continue improving the image quality of PillBot before its final commercialization. With the current features, This mini robot promises to revolutionize the field of gastroenterologyoffering an innovative and efficient solution for internal diagnostics without the need for invasive procedures.

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