Chevrolet brand to be delivered in Manizales: Casa Restrepo ends contract

Chevrolet brand to be delivered in Manizales: Casa Restrepo ends contract
Chevrolet brand to be delivered in Manizales: Casa Restrepo ends contract

The renowned brand Chevrolet will slow down its sales pace at Casa Restrepo, in Manizales.

Only until On August 31st this brand will be sold in the local dealer’s windows, After bilateral termination of the contract with the parent company, la General Motors Colmotores (GM)given the current situation in the automotive sector, with a continuous contraction of the market in recent years, which is still uncontrolled.

This led to the participation of this brand going from having the leadership in the market and a 37% share to fall to fourth place last Junewith a representation of only one digit, 9.2%.

In accordance with Carlos Eduardo Vasquez Osorio, general manager of Casa Restrepothis national effect, the crisis and various decisions of the brand in the world led to the conclusion that the business is no longer viable. “That is why, in agreement with the factory, we made the decision to hand over the concession of this brand,” he stressed.

La General Motors

COlmotores was one of the largest automobile manufacturers and assemblers based in Bogotá. It was established in 1956 and began manufacturing cars under license from the British firm Austin.

In 1965, Chrysler Corporation took about 60% of the stake shareholder in the company and began manufacturing Chrysler brand vehicles under license until 1979.

In 1979, General Motors took control of the company, with 77.4% of the shares.

Casa Restrepo was created on December 10, 1938 and has been the Chevrolet dealer since it arrived in Colombia in 1979.

Chevrolet customers, who will serve you?

The general manager of Casa Restrepo stressed that this does not mean that Chevrolet customers will be left alone in Manizalessince GM has already opened a tender within the same car network, in order to guarantee the marketing of vehicles in Manizales, as well as after-sales service and the sale of parts and accessories.

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