The photos that show that Genoveva Casanova and Federico from Denmark spent the night together

The photos that show that Genoveva Casanova and Federico from Denmark spent the night together
The photos that show that Genoveva Casanova and Federico from Denmark spent the night together

Madrid. October 25. One in the morning. Everything seems calm on any given Wednesday in the center of the capital. The legendary Corral de la Morería, one of the most popular flamenco tablaos in the country, closes its doors. The waiters have already finished their shift but there are still two diners inside. Is about Federico of Denmark (55 years old) and Genoveva Casanova (47 years old). Lecturas magazine exclusively publishes images of the heir prince to the throne of Denmark with Cayetano Martínez de Irujo’s ex in Madrid. An evening that began with a walk through the Retiro and ended at Casanova’s home.

In the pages of our magazine you can find, in detail, everything that Federico and Genoveva did this past October 25. Trying to maintain as much privacy as possible, including the company of the prince’s bodyguards, they went to the Corral de la Morería to enjoy a dinner with a show. They arrived in the same car although they entered separately. They remained at the premises until one in the morning.. It was then that they headed to the home of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo’s ex.


The night of Frederick of Denmark and Genoveva Casanova

“The car awaits them a few meters away, hidden in the night. When they reach him, Federico, in a gesture of courtesy, opens the door for Genoveva.” This Wednesday we can see in the pages of Lecturas magazine all the images that demonstrate the movements of the heir prince to the Danish throne. If when they left for the restaurant they chose to do it separately -although in the same vehicle-, the night was not so cautious. Federico and Genoveva arrived at her home and entered together. It was Casanova who opened the door with his key.

There is no doubt about where Frederick of Denmark and Genoveva Casanova spent the night. Mary Donaldson’s husband spent the night at the home of his dinner companion. They arrived there together in their vehicle and it was not until the next morning when the heir to the throne left the apartment. He did it, yes, alone and with a suitcase. He had finished his evening in Madrid and was returning to his duties at the palace.

Federico de Denmark and Genoveva Casanova: seven hours together

It wasn’t until after eight in the morning when Frederick of Denmark left Genoveva Casanova’s home. Not a movement all night. The crown prince arrived at the apartment accompanied by the Mexican woman, but he reappeared the next day alone. He did so with a somewhat more informal outfit, although warm due to the low temperatures in the capital. This is reflected in the photographic report that this Wednesday sees the light exclusively in Lecturas magazine.

Seven hours have passed. Federico from Denmark leaves the home with a bag and a suitcase. He has trouble finding the vehicle that will take him to the airport. In fact, he has to call to be told where he is. It is a car with the license plate of the Danish embassy and it takes him directly to the executive terminal of the airport where he catches a flight back to Denmark. There he once again focuses on his institutional obligations and reunites with his family.


The privacy measures of Federico de Denmark and Genoveva Casanova on their night together

There were few citizens who walked through the Retiro and realized who was next to them. The crown prince of Denmark shared an afternoon with Genoveva Casanova. They did it without hiding although accompanied by two escorts. Relaxed and relaxed, they made it clear that they knew each other. They had an intimate evening ahead of them at the Corral de la Morería. Although they did not avoid curious glances, they did take measures to avoid being caught.

The two traveled in the same vehicle but tried to avoid their image together. They did not succeed, of course, as can be seen in the detailed photographic report published by Lecturas magazine. They exited and entered the vehicle separately, leaving a few minutes to avoid the cameras. In the restaurant they occupied a booth away from the eyes of the rest of the diners. A waiter, in fact, made sure that no one bothered them.

It was not until the return to Genevieve’s home that the crown prince of Denmark let his guard down. The diners got out of the car together and entered Casanova’s house at the same time. They spent the night there. Seven hours until Federico returned to his country.

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