Taylor Swift’s luxury hotel in Argentina: how much is it worth per night and where is she staying?

Taylor Swift’s luxury hotel in Argentina: how much is it worth per night and where is she staying?
Taylor Swift’s luxury hotel in Argentina: how much is it worth per night and where is she staying?

With the arrival of Taylor Swift to Argentinathe country is preparing for three concerts that promise to be historic. The artist, known for her meticulous attention to detail and taste for luxury, You have chosen accommodation that lives up to your figure. Today, when her shows begin at the Monumental, we take a look at the luxury hotel that houses her in Buenos Aires, and we tell you how much a night costs in the luxurious room that houses her.

What hotel is Taylor Swift staying in in Argentina?

The hotel chosen by Taylor Swift is none other than the emblematic Four Seasons in Buenos Aires. Located in the heart of Recoleta, this hotel has become the favorite refuge for international stars visiting the city. With a decoration that combines European elegance with touches of Argentine design, every corner of the Four Seasons speaks of exclusivity and comfort.

The rates at this luxury hotel reflect its status and the high-end services it offers. For one night, guests can expect to pay from $1,245 for a standard room to $1,714 for more spacious suites with better views. But what do these rates include? Guests enjoy rooms decorated with original 18th-century antiques, Italian marble bathrooms with solid gold fixtures, and private balconies with panoramic views of the gardens, pool or city.

It’s not just the room that attracts celebrities like Taylor Swift to the Four Seasons. The hotel offers a complete experience with personalized services to satisfy the most extravagant requests of its guests. From private tango classes to wine massages in its spa, to its Pony Line bar, inspired by Argentine equestrian culture, the hotel guarantees a first-class stay.

In addition, the hotel has a fine dining restaurant that serves Argentine dishes of exceptional quality, and a presidential suite that is the most requested by international celebrities. This 200 square meter suite not only offers spacious and luxurious space, but also an immersion in the history and culture of Argentina.

A hotel with links to international artists

The Four Seasons in Recoleta is one of the most exclusive hotels in Buenos Aires

Taylor Swift’s choice to stay at the Four Seasons is no coincidence. The hotel is located at a convenient distance from the Monumental Stadium, where the artist will perform her concerts. This allows easy access to the event venue, while offering an escape from the bustle of the city in an environment of tranquility and luxury.

The hotel’s connection to music extends to its own history. It is often the meeting place for musicians and artists seeking inspiration or simply a place to relax after an event.. The presence of Taylor Swift in this hotel not only confirms her status as a reference point for luxury, but also strengthens the relationship between international music and the Argentine capital.

Meanwhile, the hotel is preparing to welcome the star and his team, ensuring that every detail is perfect for their stay. From the 300 bottles of purified water to the more than 100 bottles of luxury wine, to the fresh flowers in the lounge areas, the Four Seasons is ready to meet the demands of one of today’s most highly regarded artists.

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