Venezuelan assures that Anuel AA made a “boy” out of her and left (+Video)

Venezuelan assures that Anuel AA made a “boy” out of her and left (+Video)
Venezuelan assures that Anuel AA made a “boy” out of her and left (+Video)

It is already becoming very common for women to appear accusing the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Anuel AA, of having gotten them pregnant and then not wanting to recognize the baby. The case is repeated once again and with a Venezuelan woman, who through social networks published a video reporting that the singer impregnated her when she came to Venezuela, and then discriminated against the child because of her skin color.

“When he gave a concert in Venezuela we had a little adventure, from that little adventure I got pregnant and when I gave birth I looked for him to recognize the child, to give him money for the pampers, you know, for the towels and all that and when he saw the child he realized that he was white and that’s why he denied him simply because of his color,” said the young woman, at the same time explaining that the Puerto Rican said that all his children were dark-skinned.

With a somewhat confused speech, the girl said that the artist did not want to take a blood test. DNA, So she has had to “make it on her own” with the baby, who looks a little bigger than he should if we start to do the math. Meanwhile, she claimed to have asked the reggaeton player for financial help and also for his presence as a father because his son is growing up and needs that figure in his life. “Babies need their father to be present, he doesn’t even give them money”he noted.

The Creole said that she had already resigned herself to raising the baby alone and not begging for more love from the singer, but an alleged lawsuit had come to her threatening to be left without her son. “Now, he decided to look for him and sued me because I no longer want him to see his son, I was tired of chasing him, begging him to give the child love, to give him money, so now that the child is grown up and I have fought alone, he does want to look for the baby.”

“And if he wants to continue with this lawsuit because he says that he is going to put me in prison, that this and that, then I ask you to do justice together, I am very upset (…) I am afraid if something happens to me bad because those men with powers are very dangerous and I’m afraid that he will take my son away from me”, he concluded.

However, this whole story raises many doubts because the baby seen in the video is already very big, and visits from Anuel AA They were precisely this year, so less than nine months have passed since she last came to sing, in that case, the girl could be lying and looking to raise dust with a situation that makes no sense.

Anuel did it again!

This is not the first time that the Puerto Rican goes through something similar, in 2022, the Colombian model Melisa Vallecilla uncovered the pot and announced that she had had a daughter with the interpreter of “Jellyfish”and that, for a change, he did not want to recognize her even when her father agreed to have a DNA test performed on the little girl who was born in June of last year.

It was long months that the Colombian resident in the USA He struggled so that his daughter Gianella could count on her father’s presence, until this year Anuel finally gave in and admitted that he was the little girl’s father. Since then he has shared with the baby and her eldest son Pablo, making up for lost time, with the absence of her last baby, Cattleya.

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