Arnold Schwarzenegger’s giant bodyguard amazes the networks: “Mother of God”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s giant bodyguard amazes the networks: “Mother of God”
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s giant bodyguard amazes the networks: “Mother of God”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood action movies. The politician and former bodybuilder has also starred in films such as Conan the barbarian either Terminator, among many others, and he is also a very media face. The sum of these factors means that, like any relevant public figure, he has hired his own security team. Precisely, one of his bodyguard has been the subject of conversation on platform X, formerly Twitter, due to his great height.

As we said, the former governor of California is one of the most prominent figures in the world of cinema worldwide, but he also has a great influence in the world of American politics and sports. That’s why he has several security agents. One of them is a tall African-American man. In some images shared on The height of the bodyguard has attracted attention, since the actor is already 1.88 meters tall, and this man is several heads taller than him. He is also a big person.

The bodyguard’s height and name are unknown, but many users have joked with the viral images. “To protect Conan, you need at least 2 meters of bodyguards,” said one Internet user, referring to the film starring Arnold. “What an outrageous guy” or “mother of God” are some of the comments that can be read in the publication of the account @carlosclavijo22.

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Arnold, in the media spotlight due to a traffic accident

In recent weeks, Arnold has once again been in the focus of the news, since the actor has received a lawsuit for an alleged traffic accident that took place in February 2023 in West Los Angeles. It was the TMZ portal that revealed the news. The renowned American media learned that the complainant was Joanne Flickinger, a woman who was riding a bicycle and who was run over by the actor. After an investigation into the events was carried out, the cyclist would have made the decision to finally report the actor The running man.

Despite this complaint, it was the authorities themselves who assured that the woman was responsible for the accident, since she invaded the lane in which Schwarzenegger was traveling. After the accident, Flickinger had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. The woman claimed that the former governor of California was going at a high speed, much higher than that allowed on the road, and that she was not paying attention to the road. According to the media, after the accident the actor decided to load the bicycle in the back of his vehicle and took it to be repaired. Now it’s back in the news, but because of his bodyguard.

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