Gerard Piqué reveals an intimate problem with Shakira in bed: it doesn’t happen with Clara

Gerard Piqué reveals an intimate problem with Shakira in bed: it doesn’t happen with Clara
Gerard Piqué reveals an intimate problem with Shakira in bed: it doesn’t happen with Clara

Gerard Piqué He has given two interviews in recent days, that of his friend Jordi Basté in RAC 1 and that of his former professional colleague Joaquin in The noob from Antena 3. Piqué chooses well, he doesn’t like journalists and explains himself better to someone he trusts. With Joaquín he opened up about Shakira in two moments: when he expressed that it was not worth giving his version of the breakup but that perhaps he will do so in the future, justifying that he does not do it not because of lack of desire but because it would hurt what he loves most: their children Milan and Sasha. Only when they are adults could the former soccer player, and he says he could, speak. But Joaquín is clever and manages to extract some extra information with his Andalusian grace. And while they drink beer having a barbecue in the garden, he proposes to Piqué a game of questions where the spiciest is “How many times a week do you have sex?

Piqué talking about sex to Antena 3

In the case of Piqué, it is a question that has an obvious answer: he is at the beginning of a romantic relationship, in the second year, and his partner is 24 years old. It is not difficult to imagine that the intimate relationships between Clara Chía and Piqué are satisfactory and numerous. They do not stop caressing and kissing each other in public. Joaquín and Ibai regarding the frequency of weekly intimate relationships as a couple answer “Between one and none.” Piqué’s response is clear: I am in more than oneWhat if it depends on my mood, whether I’m happy? “Sometimes (sex) serves to turn it around.” More than one, Piqué now has a healthy and frequent intimate life in bed, which does not depend on being sad, on defeat or on worry. On the contrary, the couple serves precisely to change this situation. Only someone in love, very in love and well in love responds like this. And it is a bullet against Shakira. The logical deduction is that Piqué and Shakira recently had problems in bed, and that when they were in a bad mood or tired they did not turn to their partner to change it. A reproach to the Colombian, which does not happen with Clara Chía. I piqued very clearly.

Piqué kisses Clara on the nose in public, Telecinco

It cannot be said that Piqué reveals an intimacy if Shakira has made this public coldness in bed between a couple that lasted 12 years. The song empty cup of the Colombian was a dart against Piqué whom she accused of workaholicexcessively dedicated to work, and that this had an impact on the lack of intimate relationships:: “Because you don’t want when I want? You are colder than the month of January. I ask for heat and you give nothing but ice, I’ve been thirsty for you for a while, I don’t know why. I am left wanting more and wanting to drink from an empty cup. You are always busy with so much business. It would do you good, my love, a little leisure. Relax here on the couch and give me your attention. Put down the phone, use your hand with me. “I know you’re hot, but I’m much hotter.” Piqué’s hand was not going where it is going now, to touch Clara’s heart.

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