A renowned entertainment journalist revealed that he is a relative of Javier Milei: “He is my cousin”

A renowned entertainment journalist revealed that he is a relative of Javier Milei: “He is my cousin”
A renowned entertainment journalist revealed that he is a relative of Javier Milei: “He is my cousin”

Rodrigo Lussich revealed that he is Javier Milei’s cousin

The runoff that defined the election between Javier Milei and Sergio Massa naturally it occupied the almost exclusive attention of the media the day after. And the topic was on the agenda not only in politics or current affairs programs, but also in those referring to the world of entertainment.

In addition to his relationship with the comedian Fatima Florez, the figure of Milei anchored in Show Partners (El Trece) for a detail that one of its drivers revealed. At the beginning of the program, Rodrigo Lussich asked to speak in the segment known as “La inti-cam de los Socios” and made an announcement that surprised everyone.

“Javier Milei is my cousin. He was waiting for this day,” he said by way of introduction. “Tell what that’s like, it’s absolutely true,” his driving partner encouraged him. Adrian Pallares. And the Uruguayan went on to detail part of his family tree that led him to the brand new president-elect.

Milei’s mother is called Alicia Lucich, Croatian like my entire family,” said Rodrigo, and presented a caveat: “When the Croats got off the boats, and as was the case with most immigrants, depending on who wrote you down, they did so with one letter or another,” he explained. , to account for the difference in the writing of surnames. “The Lussich were noted in various ways, such as Lucich -as in the case of Milei’s mother-with just one that, Lusich, or like my last name, Lussich. But we are all from the same branch“, he pointed.

The journalist clarified that he did not discuss this situation with the new president, but that he has precise information that it is real. “One of my cousins, who did the whole family tree journey, let me know that we are related. Therefore, I have a family closeness on my mother’s side,” he stated, and gave an example referring to his country of origin: “My name is Rodrigo Lussich Pérez, and if we used both surnames in the document as in Uruguay, yours would say Javier Milei Lucich. “I am a relative of the president-elect,” he concluded.

FILE PHOTO: Argentine president-elect Javier Milei and his sister Karina Milei react to the results of Argentina’s runoff presidential election, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 19, 2023. REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian/File Photo

Javier Gerardo Meli is the eldest son of Alicia Lujan Lucichhousewife, and Norberto Horacio Milei, a transportation businessman who started as a bus driver on line 21 and grew until he was part of the companies Francisco de Viedma SA and Empresa de Transportes Tte. General Roca.

A few years later, the president-elect’s parents moved to the town of Sáenz Peña, in the Buenos Aires district of Tres de Febrero, although they also passed through Villa Raffo and Villa Devoto. As an adult, he lived in an apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Abasto until he moved to a house in Benavidez, Tigre district.

Until the coronavirus pandemic, his relationship with his father and mother was bad: “I don’t talk to my parents. I don’t call them parents, because I don’t share the moral and ethical values ​​of either of them.. “My father did a thousand things for me during my university process,” he said in 2018.

The situation changed dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic, when Milei reconnected with his parents, who even later accompanied him at several of the political events he led, already as a candidate for President. Like his mother, who was there the day of the debate with Sergio Massa. And the two were present in the La Libertad Avanza bunker on the historic day in which his son was elected president.

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