This is how Carlos, his son with Bertín Osborne, who turns 15, has grown up

This is how Carlos, his son with Bertín Osborne, who turns 15, has grown up
This is how Carlos, his son with Bertín Osborne, who turns 15, has grown up

Ramon Bescos 11/21/2023 2:30 p.m.

Fabiola Martínez and her son Carlosinstagram

Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez They met in 2001, when the Venezuelan model appeared at the casting for a video clip by the Andalusian singer. The romantic relationship that they began then would extend over two decades, until their separation in January 2021. In those years they became parents of two sons: Kike and Carlos, born, respectively, in 2007 and 2008. The children have continued to unite Martínez with Osborne after their breakup. Fabiola has tired of confirming, with words and actions, that they are her absolute priority. Now what the youngest of the family has turned fifteenhis mother wanted to send him a loving congratulations publicly that allows see how much it has grown.

Fabiola Martínez’s emotional congratulations to her son Carlos

The youngest of Fabiola and Osborne’s children is celebrating his birthday, and the Venezuelan woman wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate him on the important date, with a video in which he compiles different mother-son moments, a mix of video and photographs taken during a trip together to Rome. In the text that accompanies the publication, Martínez wanted to dedicate a few words of congratulations. “It was 15 years ago today that I saw your face for the first time… You are very special. I love you with all my heart,” she wrote in the post, which was soon filled with signs of affection and congratulations.

Fabiola Martínez’s most sincere words about her two children

The television collaborator has always spoken naturally about her descendantsyes in his public appearances or in his interviews. This is how we have been able to know, for example, that her son Kike, who has suffered from cerebral palsy since her birth, is exposed to an important life change, and that she many times she is overwhelmed when it comes to her care. Also how we have known the mother’s approach to the future relationship that her children will have with the baby that Gabriela Guillén and Bertín are expecting.

Fabiola Martínez opens up about the daily challenges she faces in caring for her son Kike

This is Carlos, the little son of Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez

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Beyond covers and events, the model’s social networks allow us to know a little better about the intimacy of daily life between them, which has revealed certain things regarding the personality of Kike and Carlos. The little one stands out especially your sense of responsibility, especially in relation to the care of his older brother. This was confirmed, for example, by Fabiola herself in her congratulations to the teenager last year. “Since you were born you had to be the oldest,” acknowledged the president of the Bertín Osborne Foundation. It is also known that Carlos interceded between both parents during their separation process. “He was more intelligent and mature than us,” she acknowledged in an interview.

Carlos Osborne’s incredible talent for music: this is how Bertín and Fabiola’s son sings

Furthermore, the youngest of the family seems to have inherited his father’s talent so passion for artistic disciplines refers. Both Bertín and Fabiola frequently publish materials by Carlitos, as they affectionately refer to him, singing, dancing or playing the pianoand even daring with painting, as you can see by clicking ‘play’ on the previous video.

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