Lali González spoke in depth about her love situation: “I separated from my husband and although I act strong, I suffer a lot”

Lali González spoke in depth about her love situation: “I separated from my husband and although I act strong, I suffer a lot”
Lali González spoke in depth about her love situation: “I separated from my husband and although I act strong, I suffer a lot”

He came to Argentina for the first time ten years ago to work in theater and from that moment on he never cut ties with our country again. In this last decade, Lali Gonzalez (36) he did a lot of film and then television, with a very notable role in the strip Pol-ka La 1-5/18, which even led her to be nominated for the Martín Fierro for best fictional lead actress. Then, Adrian Suar would give her the opportunity to put on the driver’s suit on the cycle What sign are you? and now stands out in the Dancing 2023 as one of the new features on the track ShowMatch.

Lali Gonzlaez

mother of Rafaelafour years old, has been going through a serious marital crisis with his partner for some time, Walter Riveros, and now Lali confirmed the breakup. “My husband stayed in Paraguay when I came to work in Argentina. His name is Walter Riveros, he is a record music producer and we have a production company in common, Blue Art, with which we do my show. We have been together for 13 years but now we decided take a break. Like a coffee break2, he launched in dialogue with the journalist Nico Peralta for Soon.

“I had lived here for two years and that was not a problem but then we went into a crisis. We have to normalize couple crises. Sometimes you connect, sometimes you don’t and in this case there is a four-year-old girl in the middle who suffers, so “We can’t afford to play around. We want the best for her and take care of her in the face of everything,” he continued.

Lali Gonzlaéz and her daughter
Lali Gonzlaéz with her ex and her daughter

-To understand, today what situation are they in?

-Separated. But he came to visit his daughter and stays with us, even though we are not together. We want to make the separation transition little by little, at least until we clear the picture. Is not easy. Sometimes I act stupid but I suffer a lot. I had days of a lot of crying. Now that’s why I’m more upset.

-Was the distance the trigger?

-No. The non-dialogue. We have to talk and sometimes we come from families where chatting and talking are not so normalized and that is what I am working on with my daughter. I always tell him that I don’t want our daughter to repeat what happened to us, which is not communicating our feelings. You have to instill conversation and open up.

Lali Gonzlaez

-You told Tinelli, live, that you are separating.

-Yes, and I clarified that I am no longer a lady but a miss. That’s why I think I fell at the first gala. My body took the toll on me for acting strong. That I am scattered in my work means that I am unwell. Because that doesn’t usually happen to me. In the previews I don’t find my punchline in terms of comedy and I know that everyone expects more from me but it’s not easy. That track and Tinelli intimidate you. I’m not a dancer and that’s why I laugh at myself. I have a lot of humor and as I’m getting better at this field, I’m getting stronger every time.

Lali Gonzlaéz with Tinelli at Dancing 2023

-How does the incipient singleness feel for you?

-It’s the first time I’m single in my life. They were married for 13 years and before that they had always been in a relationship. With Walter she introduced us to a classmate from school because her current husband was Walter’s classmate. He is four years older than me. We crossed paths on a birthday many years after finishing school and he was dazzled by my ancestral beauty. He asked about me and although I didn’t like him at all physically, he won me over because of his chivalry. He is very handsome and seductive.

-They married?

-Yes, in Florianópolis, Brazil, in 2016. It was on the beach with all our friends. It seemed like a graduate trip! Currently, we are still legally married but de facto separated. This is how we are today; I don’t know what will happen in the future.

Lali Gonzlaez

The complete interview with Lali Gonzlaéz is in the October digital edition of Pronto magazine, it can be downloaded and read for free by clicking on this link

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