Queen Letizia sweeps young millennials

The Queen Letizia the younger ones like it. That’s at least what a recent study reveals. Why would it be? What is the reason for the pull it has? There are a series of factors that have influenced the rise in popularity of the sovereign among the so-called millennial population and even Generation Z, which never ceases to surprise. At 51 years old, she seems close, natural, comfortable with them. Also the fact that she has two teenage daughters has a lot of influence on trying to empathize and understand them. These are her secrets to destroy…

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The Queen Letizia He has been part of Spanish royalty for almost twenty years. A long time in which we have seen a notable evolution on their part. She was established as Princess of Asturias and following the proclamation of Don Felipe on the throne in 2014 and her as his consort, Doña Letizia’s rise has been absolute.

Her learning continues, it never ends for a person as demanding as her, but it gives the impression that she feels fully in control of her space and supporting causes with which she is very involved.

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The Queen Letizia generates confidence among Spaniards. At least it has support from 62.8% regarding their work within the institution, and a good part of this percentage is occupied by young people. The data is provided by a recent study by Hola magazine, which only endorses the great effort of the sovereign to get closer to different sectors of society.

Queen Letizia winks at young people

Among the reasons we find for Queen Letizia not being ‘invisible’ among young people is her intense work directly related to them. Not only through the Princess of Girona Foundation, in which she participates in activities and meetings throughout Spain. She is also very interested in education issues, in promoting reading, in responsible access to the Internet and digital information, in warning about the danger of drugs and in their reintegration after suffering from an addiction, and of course, in fights to make visible the fight for mental health.

Robert Smith.

This is one of the issues that has occupied the Queen the most in recent years, influencing the growth of these problems since the pandemic. In fact, in one of her last official engagements, Letizia started singing a rap in public to draw attention to this cause and praiseworthy words from the author of the topic, The chojin.

Queen Letizia, aware of the visibility she gives to different causes

She knows that with her presence she manages to promote many causes that, otherwise, would not have such easy access to the general public. And this is what all these organizations recognize. The Queen Letizia You are thoroughly informed, you know those responsible and affected, you step on the ground in person.

This has been one of his great challenges from his institutional role. Doña Letizia has sometimes acknowledged that not everyone may like her, and the truth is that she has been and is one of the most criticized members of the Royal Family. But no one questions her dedication when it comes to doing the job she is entrusted with well. And now she is reaping the rewards.

Princess Leonor and Queen Letizia buying earrings in the Exemplary Town of Asturias 2023

Princess Leonor and Queen Letizia buying some earrings in the Exemplary Town of Asturias 2023 (Photo: Casa de HM The King).

Singing a rap is an excellent way to attract a younger audience, and if we add to that the energetic touch that he always gives to his appearances, all the better. Queen Letizia wins at short distances, when she greets, speaks and gestures outside of protocol. A deconstricted Letizia, who asks people directly or takes selfies without a problem.

The only photo of Queen Letizia with Princess Leonor after the flag oath

Queen Letizia and Princess Leonor, taking a selfie after the heiress’s Flag Oath (@esp_reyes).

Queen Letizia shares hobbies with young people

On the other hand, young people also appreciate that you take care of your physique, that you commit to a healthy life in terms of diet and sports; He likes his modern and current style and that he loves music, cinema, theater… He goes to concerts Harry Styles as another fan, talk to Woody Allen like a faithful admirer or jump excitedly on the grass with the brand new champions of world soccer. Try to stay up to date with the cultural panorama and not miss out on the latest trends.

Not to mention surprising gestures such as attending a book signing. Sonsoles Ónega standing in line and showing her support as a friend.

Letizia takes a selfie with her daughters

Letizia will make a video call with her daughters. Photo: Royal House.

Another thing that is highly appreciated is its family appearance. The union with King Felipe and his two daughters, the Princess Eleanor and the Infanta Sofia, makes them able to face any setback like a pineapple. Furthermore, now that the heiress has reached the age of majority and has sworn in to the Constitution, Queen Letizia’s role intensifies to pave the way for her daughter to the throne.

Queen Letizia celebrates the Women's World Cup

Letizia and her daughter Sofía, greeting the Spanish public in the stands after winning the Women’s Soccer World Cup (Gtres).

La Zarzuela, now in the middle of the syndrome Empty nest with Leonor in Zaragoza and Sofía in a boarding school in Wales, it comes across as a structured home full of gestures of love and affection. And that gives stability to the Crown, especially after some very turbulent years due to the judicial problems of King Juan Carlos, who just these days has traveled to Spain again, but with whom a public meeting is still not planned.

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