Carlos Perciavalle will get married in the next few days: who is his partner and who will be the groomsmen at the wedding

Carlos Perciavalle will get married in the next few days: who is his partner and who will be the groomsmen at the wedding
Carlos Perciavalle will get married in the next few days: who is his partner and who will be the groomsmen at the wedding

Carlos Perciavalle will get married in the next few days (America)

A piece of news known in the last few hours generated great media expectations in both Argentina and Uruguay: the prominent actor Carlos Perciavalle revealed that he would be getting married in the coming days. From the moment the news began to spread, there were many speculations regarding who her partner was and the details of that union.

On the television program In the afternoon (America), the journalist Gustavo Descalzi shared the information about the emblematic figure of the café concert, who confirmed that he is close to marrying his manager and close friend, Jimmy Castilhos. This revelation not only captured attention for the union of these two personalities but also for the details that accompany this event.

Descalzi announced that the couple selected as godparents Elina and Eduardo Costantini and that the choice adds an additional level of interest and glamor to the event.

Carlos Perciavalle along with Jimmy Castilhos, his manager and friend whom he will marry in the next few days (IG jimmycastilhos)

“World first, I start from what I can confirm. The godparents, write me down there, Elina Costantini and Eduardo Costantini. Famous godfathers because we are talking about famous people. He, well known and very loved by us. He is the king”. The journalist from Uruguay related, adding a touch of mystery to the information.

After that, he would continue giving clues about the future relationship: “He is the king and he -in reference to the other person- He loves him very much, he is in love, he confessed it to me”, at which point the studio revealed that he was the king of the café concert. “He is in love and his partner is my dear Jimmy Castilhos. They will formalize in the next few days and they have already chosen the godparents, and there will be others and special guests.”

Thus, after Descalzi emphasized that the wedding will not only feature the presence of the aforementioned couple, he suggested that the ceremony will be an outstanding event in the social and entertainment sphere. The expectation around the guest list and additional details of the wedding generated curiosity and anticipation among the followers of these personalities. By case, It was assured that Luis Ventura could be one of those special guests.

“Our Saturday date with my baby Carlos Perciavalle,” highlighted Jimmy Castilhos when publishing these images

Given this, Ventura, always faithful to his direct and blunt style, expressed his intention to attend the event, but emphasizing that his presence would be conditional on receiving a formal invitation, thus ruling out any speculation or rumor.

Regarding the couple, the journalist from Uruguay assured: “Jimmy and Carlos have known each other for twenty-something years, he is their producer, their friend, their manager and after so many years, It seems that in recent times that admiration, that passion began, things began to escalate. And I found something strange, but I don’t know why until on Friday Carlos told me something and I asked him if he was serious. And now he tells me to confirm.”

Furthermore, in the last few hours the video was released of the moment in which an excited Perciavalle greeted Fátima Florez by telephone, after the victory of Javier Milei in the last elections. Thus, cell phone in hand, the visibly shocked comedian highlighted: “By beating, I knew it, I didn’t want to say it, but I knew it was going to be a beating, and that’s how it was. Give a huge hug to Javier and for you too, all the happiness in the world, my life.”

On the other side of the line, you can hear the president-elect’s partner, who only manages to say: “Thank you, thank you, blessings, bye, bye.” The video, uploaded to Jimmy Castilhos’ Instagram account, closes with the song like the cicada as a backdrop.

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