Marcelo Tinelli congratulated Javier Milei and referred to Fátima Flórez’s role as first lady: “I can’t believe it!”

Marcelo Tinelli congratulated Javier Milei and referred to Fátima Flórez’s role as first lady: “I can’t believe it!”
Marcelo Tinelli congratulated Javier Milei and referred to Fátima Flórez’s role as first lady: “I can’t believe it!”

The driver highlighted the triumph of the libertarian and wished him the best in his government

After a historic election day, Marcelo Tinelli opened a new program Dancing 2023 congratulating Javier Milei for his triumph. Furthermore, he showed his joy for Fatima Florez and showed his optimism for the future of the actress in the cycle. “Is the first lady going to continue working? Let’s hope so”the driver asked himself.

The first minutes of the program were running when, in the middle of the dance floor and accompanied by the staff dancers, Tinelli spoke about the electoral process that Argentina experienced and dedicated a few words to the next national leader: “Congratulations to the elected president of the Argentines, Javier Milei. Congratulations to all the Argentines who were able to express themselves freely at the polls, we are happy to vote, to be in democracy and today we have a new president in Argentina and we wish him all the luck in the world.”

He then expressed his hope that the economist’s government would be successful and bring prosperity to the country: “I hope that we really are that country that we always want to be. All Argentines united more than ever, yesterday 76% of the voters expressed their majority in favor of Javier Milei and today we must all accompany this process. Those who voted for him, those who did not vote for him, and I hope we have a much better Argentina than the one we have, because we have beautiful people and they are wonderful. Javier pushes forward with everything.”

Fátima Florez will be the first lady during the government of Javier Milei (REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)

Then, Tinelli referred to Fátima’s continuity in the program. Although her role as the future first lady was known from the beginning, the host showed her optimism about this situation. “And we also have the first lady, a co-worker, I can’t believe it. Is incredible. Is the first lady going to continue working? Let’s hope so. Milei opened the glass to me or she, but let her come,” said Marcelo, remembering one of the libertarian’s last visits.

To conclude, the driver of the Dancing He highlighted the importance of the electoral system, even more so on such a special date: “I am happy like all Argentines to have been able to vote, and to live in democracy, which is the best system that can exist. 40 years of democracy already, to always take care of it, whoever wins”.

At the beginning of October, Milei went to look for Fátima at the program. The libertarian had been waiting for her inside one of the black vehicles, when Marcelo identified him and approached to talk to him. “Excuse me, good night, can you lower the glass?” Is he the presidential candidate? “Can I open the door?” asked the driver, placing the microphone in the tiny space that was open through the window.

Javier Milei went to look for Fátima Flores at Bailando 2023 but he did not want to get out of the car to greet Marcelo Tinelli

However, The then presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza did not move from the car. “Don’t you see me?” he replied. “Yes, I see you but I see you little, I want to know if you are the presidential candidate Javier Milei,” Marcelo said directly to start a dialogue for the first time with the candidate. “Yes, I am indeed Javier Milei”answered.

The driver did not give up and continued trying by all means to get Milei to get out of the car and meet Fátima. “Can’t you come and see me for a minute? Carmen Barbieri?”, he asked in a funny way, alluding to his girlfriend who was imitating the host of Very morning.

The response of the leader of the liberal political space was forceful. “No, but back, you know I only came to look for Fatima, come on. He came to look for her….”, he held firmly without lowering the window further. So Tinelli appealed to his humor. “Dollarization, yes? Dollarization, no?” He asked him since during the previous Presidential Debate he had avoided talking about the subject.

“Dollarization yes”, Milei responded definitively. And she added: “Enough of inflation and that they rob us with inflation.” Marcelo told him that they were neighbors of the neighborhood. “Yes, I already know that,” Fatima’s boyfriend said briefly. “Can you open the door?” Tinelli insisted, but Milei remained firm in her refusal. “No, in fact this should not be happening.”

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