Christopher Nolan’s concerns about streaming

During the last decades, Advances in technology have changed the way we look cinema.

You may remember those times where the main options to see a movie were going to the cinema, renting it at a video club, waiting until they gave it up. televisionor buy a physical cup once it went on sale.

That was, for many, a kind of ritual to spend the weekend with the family or immerse yourself alone in the worlds created by your favorite directors.

However, the emergence of platforms streaming changed that paradigm for the vast majority.

Now you can find an extensive catalog of films just a click away from your television or computer, while if you are not satisfied with having just one app of this type, you can have more and thus add alternatives to watch on your screens.

This point was addressed by the acclaimed British-American filmmaker, Christopher Nolanin a recent interview with The Washington Post.

And after it was published, the mexican director Guillermo del Toro came out to comment on his statements.

Christopher Nolan’s concerns in the streaming era and Guillermo del Toro’s emphatic response. Photo: reference.

In the conversation with the aforementioned media, It was suggested that concern has grown among filmmakers about what will happen to works that are expelled from the main platforms.which would make it difficult for them to reach an audience that is used to accessing them through these spaces.

Faced with this scenario, the director of films like Batman: the dark knight (2008) and Interstellar (2014) stated that “There is a danger, nowadays, that if things only exist in streaming version they will be removed”.

“They come and go”Nolan emphasized.

Just a week ago, the director had suggested that you should buy a Blu-Ray edition of his recent Oppenheimer (2023), so that “no evil streaming service can come and steal it from you”.

However, he later clarified to the Post that Those expressions were “a joke”.

Even so, He stressed that it is important to possess the physical versions to preserve the artistic work.

As expected, His statements were quickly echoed on the networks social.

AND one of the people who referred to them was Guillermo del Toro, who shared his vision via X (ex Twitter).

“Physical media is almost a level of responsibility similar to that of Fahrenheit 451 (where people memorized entire books and thus became the book they loved). If you own a great 4K HD, Blu-ray, DVD, etc. of a movie or movies you love… you are the custodian of those tapes for generations to come,” wrote the director of The Shape of Water (2017).

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