Michelle advocates for body acceptance

TO Michelle Rodriguez Criticism no longer affects him because he has been working on his self-love for years. The actress recognizes that, although it is sometimes difficult to listen to the public’s comments, since she was little she learned to be sure of her strengths.

“I come from a family that is very loving and trusts me even when I don’t. My pack supports me a lot,” says Michelle, who has been accused of changing her physical appearance.

Although she has been a representative and defender of large sizes, in October she showed off some photographs where it is visible that she lost weight.

“It is not a decision that I made overnight because weight loss as a goal has been a constant since I was eight years old. I find it peculiar that they now ask me as if it had never occurred to me,” she explains.

The 39-year-old actress details that as a child it was the first time she went to a nutritionist to follow a healthy diet and lose weight, but she has always exercised and until now has gotten results.

“Now the body acceptance I am talking about is loving our body as it is because many times our height or skin color afflicts us, things that we cannot change even if we want to,” Michelle considers.

“What I appeal to is that we try to be a better version, but let’s embrace that version, it’s not about something being better than the other, but rather that what I have is what there is and I embrace it,” he adds.

That self-respect also includes her work. She has spoken out in favor of fair salaries, as she did when she was part of the series 40 and 20, in which she stars alongside Jorge Van Rankin, because, she points out, there are many differences and shortcomings in labor matters.

“There is a snowball around the labor situation in our country and I am interested in there being opportunity for everyone and that we have to learn to give value to our work, what I do could be done without being paid, but I also need function socially.”

Rodríguez is currently part of the musical Mentiras, where she plays Dulce, a woman who faces motherhood in a complicated situation. She will also perform with Los monologues de la vagina this November 25 and on the 29th she will be at the Metro Awards ceremony, which recognizes the best in theater.

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