The +60 will sell out on Mango’s Black Friday the clone of Isabel Preysler’s suit to look very elegant at Christmas

The +60 will sell out on Mango’s Black Friday the clone of Isabel Preysler’s suit to look very elegant at Christmas
The +60 will sell out on Mango’s Black Friday the clone of Isabel Preysler’s suit to look very elegant at Christmas

Isabel Preysler (72 years old) did not want to miss the premiere of ‘Napoleon’. But before enjoying a night at the movies, Tamara Falcó’s mother posed at the photocall for the film’s premiere. Once again, Isabel has become one of the most elegant at this event that she has attended. And she has done it with a maxim that we love to pursue when it comes to dressing. It is about demonstrating that Simplicity is not at odds with elegance.

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Isabel Preysler has shown that one of those looks that deserves to be part from the wardrobe of the most stylish women, It is more than enough to exude sophistication. For this event held at night in Madrid, the socialite has chosen a black suit jacket that has been combined with a white shirt. We are going to tell you what are the most outstanding details of this style of which we have signed a clone on Mango’s Black Friday and which now deserves special prominence because it is an infallible option for Christmas lunches or dinners.

Isabel Preysler’s elegant suit ideal for Christmas

The first thing to highlight of the jacket and pants suit that Isabel Preysler has worn, is that it is black. Ana Boyer’s mother also sometimes dares to wear brighter colors and original prints. But on this occasion, she has preferred to play it safe with the tone that is the quintessential synonym of elegance, which is very easy to combine, which she already styles and also never goes out of style. Hence, her two pieces are one of those that last for many seasons in the wardrobe.


If we analyze the garments separately, first we must talk about what His jacket has a tuxedo-like detail.. These are the lapels, a more intense color than the rest of the garment and which are inspired by those tuxedos that are always elegant. Furthermore, by fastening it at waist level, Isabel has managed to look as stylish as possible. possible.

Of Isabel Preysler’s black pants, it should be noted that They are baggy dress pants. This season we have begun to see that narrow pants are back to stay. But they coexist with the widths and this is something that must be taken advantage of. Baggy pants are great allies to ensure we are comfortable and stylish. They do not mark anything and favor everyone. In this sense, they are a great option for those events where one wants to be well dressed and without worries.

Isabel Preysler’s white shirt

When it comes to combining this black suit, Isabel Preysler has gone simple and safe. Tamara Falcó’s mother has put on a white shirt with which she has created an impeccable outfit and with which she has enhanced the stylizing effect that the jacket and pants already have. The key has been that The shirt has a V-neckline. This shape, added to the peak of the jacket, elevates the stylizing effect to the highest level.

The accessories of Isabel Preysler’s look

A black bag and black shoes have been the election of Isabel Preysler to give all the prominence to the black color and continue with that effect of looking stylized. Because remember, wearing pants like these and high heels of the same color is one of the tricks to enhance the visual effect of lengthening the legs.

We copied a suit similar to Isabel Preysler’s on Mango’s Black Friday

At Mango, we have signed a black blazer that previously cost 65.99 euros and now costs 39.99 euros. As for the pants, they used to cost 39.99 euros and now 25.99 euros.



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