All the unpublished photographs of Federico from Denmark after spending the night with Genoveva Casanova

All the unpublished photographs of Federico from Denmark after spending the night with Genoveva Casanova
All the unpublished photographs of Federico from Denmark after spending the night with Genoveva Casanova

It is almost two weeks since Lecturas magazine exclusively published the photos of Federico from Denmark (55 years old) walking with Genoveva Casanova (47 years old) for Madrid. Since then, they have not stopped commenting on each other. In recent days, there have been many who have spoken out on the matter and the gestures of both have been highly analyzed, as well as those of those around them. And things don’t seem to stop. Quite the opposite. Now, new images come to light to reinforce what we already told in the pages of Lecturas magazine. exclusive a few days ago.

This afternoon, the program ‘TardeAR’ has exclusively broadcast the moving images of Frederick of Denmark in Madrid. These are new frames in which the Danish heir is seen in the capital on the night in which he was at Genoveva Casanova’s house. Images that reveal the prince’s steps after leaving the home where he spent the night.


The new images of Federico from Denmark after his meeting with Genoveva Casanova

Last weekend on ‘Fiesta’, Miguel Ángel Nicolás defined the images in which you can see as a “very juicy appetizer”. Federico of Denmark with his suitcase in Madrid. Now, thanks to the images from ‘Tarde AR’, we have been able to see the entire sequence of those minutes of the next morning. “The moment he enters Genoveva Casanova’s home, her bodyguards disappear,” Sandra Aladro began to explain. The next time we see the prince is at 8:30 in the morning, with new clothes and his own suitcase. Instead of waiting for his escort to appear, “he walks alone through the doorway and for 10 minutes walks around the house where he had been until he stops at this bus stop,” he said. Sandra.


Afterwards, the heir to the throne, visibly nervous, makes a short call and, right after, reads a paper and tears it into pieces. “It is an inappropriate image, totally unusual for a prince who has to be accompanied by an escort. Even two,” Aladro assessed. Mary Donaldson’s husband waits a few minutes until he sees a car that he recognizes as belonging to the embassy. He stops him with a gesture of his foot and, when he stops, puts the suitcase in the trunk.

The clandestine journey of Frederick of Denmark

Members of the diplomatic corps do not go out. In fact, heand they open the door from inside. From there, the vehicle went directly to the airport, to the executive terminal, where Federico boarded his private plane back home. In short, a whole series of images that, accompanied by those that Lecturas magazine published exclusively two weeks ago, They would dismantle Genoveva Casanova’s version about the hours that Federico and she would have spent together.

Also added would be the prince’s wish that it be a secret meeting, since he did not want to be picked up at home by Genoveva Casanova. It is a “clandestine trip, even for her own safety. Early in the morning, in Madrid, looking for a car, aimlessly, moving away from the place where she had slept…”, Sandra reflected. And the message that has been extracted is that it has been put in danger. “Photojournalists were chasing him, it could have been others…”, said Ana Rosa Quintana’s collaborator.


The chronology of the meeting of Genoveva Casanova and Federico of Denmark in Madrid

It should be remembered that at the time, Luis Pliego told the chronology of the meeting most talked about in recent times. The director of the magazine Lecturas gave the keys to how things went the plans that Frederick of Denmark and Genoveva Casanova they did together for Madrid. There were 12 hours that the Danish heir and the Mexican woman spent together in the capital. “12 very intimate hours, very close together and doing things that only two people who know each other very well do together. They have been together in Madrid, in the afternoon, at night… And they have even gone in and out of restaurants and, later I will tell you where else,” said Luis Pliego during one of his interventions in ‘TardeAR’.

Plans that, As revealed by the director of Lecturas magazine, They finished early in the morning. “The photographers who follow them stand guard in front of Genoveva’s house and spend the whole night in the car. At 8:30 o’clock, Frederick of Denmark leaves the house with a small cabin suitcase and is picked up by an official car of the Danish embassy that takes you to T4, to the part of the private flights,” he said about a moment that would correspond to the moving images that will be broadcast this afternoon on ‘TardeAR’.

Mary Donaldson prepares her jump to television

Amidst so much controversy, Mary Donaldson is about to make the jump to Danish television. In the statement made public by the Danish channel DR, it was announced that Mary Donaldson will talk about mental health and stress on the small screen with the help of the prestigious doctor Peter Qvortrup Geisling. The princess will talk “with three Danes who have had a bad time. They have fought against stress, mental disorders and pain, but what they have in common is that they have used nature to find peace and balance in their lives.


The wife of Frederick of Denmark, In the eye of the hurricane Due to the controversial images of her husband with Genoveva Casanova in Madrid, she chose the North Sea as her destination, a space for which she has a special affection, since it was one of the first places she visited when she moved to Denmark.

Despite all the information that is coming out, Mary from Denmark has continued with his agenda and their work plans, without canceling any appearances. Neither will this jump to television, which will generate a lot of interest, even if everything was prepared before all the controversy broke out. As the Danish Royal House expressed, all its members maintain their routine without confirming or denying any type of personal information. And all this while the comments about the future of marriage continue to grow.

A very important day for Genoveva Casanova

These new images arrive in a very important day for Genoveva Casanova. In addition to the news about her meeting with Frederick of Denmark, this Monday, November 20, is marked for her because 9 years have passed since the death of the Duchess of Alba. Genoveva got along very well with her mother-in-law, so today is a day full of nostalgia for her.

Furthermore, every November 20, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, Genoveva’s ex and father of her children, usually organizes a mass in tribute to his mother, who Genoveva does not miss. Will today be the day of her reappearance while Federico of Denmark’s video comes to light? We will have to wait until this afternoon to see if this tribute takes place and if she takes the step of reappearing or prefers to remain armored.

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