The astonishing distance between Aitana and Sebastián Yatra

The astonishing distance between Aitana and Sebastián Yatra
The astonishing distance between Aitana and Sebastián Yatra

The couple formed by Aitana and Sebastian Yatra is in question. There has been a distancing between the two in recent weeks that has been evident at the gala of the Latin Grammy. In the city of Seville There has been no public appearance by the couplewho, having seen what he has seen, has chosen to fulfill his professional commitments separately.

While the Colombian artist served as one of the presenters of the gala of the Latin Grammythe whereabouts of Aitanathat was not present at the Congress Palace and Exhibitions of Seville.

The program Public mirror speaks of a distance between the two. “Yatra was missing the day before and Aitana the day of the gala. There are rumors that there is a certain distance between the two of them and, at least, from the public point of view. On Wednesday Aitana had an event in which he was DJing at a nightclub and Sebastián Yatra did not appear. He did not show himself. We asked everyone where he was and he didn’t show up. And Aitana did not appear yesterday at the gala that Yatra presented and he had no other commitment. It’s strange. They did not make any public appearance nor did they share the stage during the entire Grammy week while they were both there,” commented journalist Nacho Gay.

Two details have also surprised the protagonists of this story in the form of a question. On the one hand, Sebastian Yatra They asked him to whom he would dedicate the golden gramophone if it were the case to win it. In his response there was no trace of Aitana.

On the other hand, the Catalan singer on her tour Alpha Tour He has interacted with his audience. As a result, they asked her an uncomfortable question that she tried to avoid as best she could. “Do you have a boyfriend?”, asked Lola, a small follower of the artist. The girl’s innocent question left Aitana completely upset. “Lola, that is a question that everyone wants to know. I mean, very good. “I’m not going to answer it.” He said while laughing to make light of the matter.

However, The Cuernis has come forward to stop rumors of a possible sentimental crisis. According to the well-known account of TikTokthe couple shared a meal on a terrace in Seville, where Aitana’s makeup artist and stylist was also present. “Aitana and Yatra ate together today, so all the breakup rumors these days were false”has settled The Cuernis.

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