“He kept him waiting for an hour on the street”

“He kept him waiting for an hour on the street”
“He kept him waiting for an hour on the street”

Shakira’s agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office closes the Colombian artist’s time in Madrid. Years of many joys for the singer in which her two children were born with Gerard Piqué that ended with a turbulent ending in which there was no shortage of infidelities and musical revenge.

The singer was accused of defrauding the Spanish Treasury of 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014. Finally, she agreed to a sentence of three years in prison (which she will not serve) and the payment of a fine of 7.3 million. of euros. In exchange for accepting the facts and paying the defrauded fee (she already returned it), the agreement has substantially reduced the penalties.

Shakira has put her house in Esplugas (Barcelona) on sale for 15 million euros. Precisely spent the night in this house in his fleeting passage through the city of Barcelona on the occasion of the trial. He was in this house where he recorded the Acróstico video clip to close this home.

His assistants spent days preparing the house for your arrival and buyer visits were paralyzed, according to Laura Fa. She also explains that you have to demonstrate a series of income to even be able to pass the threshold and be eligible to make a visit as a potential buyer. “This way they prevent anyone from the press from posing as a future buyer,” he adds. Gema Lopez.

“Relationships are not good and there are still communication problems”

Laura Fa points out that there is a change in strategy between Shakira and Piqué. This weekend Piqué couldn’t go away for the weekend because he didn’t know when he was going to see his children. Lawyers assure that relationships are more fluid because now they talk among themselves or with family members for these changes to occur. “This weekend Shakira had him waiting on the street for an hour,” says Lorena Vázquez. “Relations are not good and remain tense: they have a communication problem and they want to convey that they have a better relationship,” he points out.

He also ensures that, depending on the agreements, all communications are made with his lawyers.

Shakira’s lawyer Pau Molins He blamed the city of Barcelona of the situation that the artist has had to go through. In a radio interview she maintained that the situation would have been very different if the events had been committed in Madrid. She also regretted that there had been an image of Shakira sitting on the bench. Shakira settled the trial in 20 minutes with two monosyllables and a thank you.

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