Rosauro Varo, husband of Amaia Salamanca, with another woman: their photos together in Seville

Rosauro Varo, husband of Amaia Salamanca, with another woman: their photos together in Seville
Rosauro Varo, husband of Amaia Salamanca, with another woman: their photos together in Seville

It was five in the afternoon on a Saturday and the sun was still shining in Seville. One of the private luxury cruises that cruise the waters of the Guadalquivir set sail from one of the small docks in the capital. The boat, with capacity for eleven passengers, sailed lightly. Only four travelers had boarded. One of them, wearing jeans, a shirt and a blue sweater, was Rosauro Varo (44 years old), the vice president of Movistar Plus+ and partner of Amaia Salamanca (37 years old) for thirteen years. In the midst of rumors of a crisis with the actress, the images that accompany the report that is now published exclusively for Lecturas magazine They show the businessman leading a single life enjoying a weekend with a friend and two friends, without a trace of his partner, Amaia Salamanca.

The father of the three children of the ‘Without tits there is no paradise’ actress was the first to arrive on the ship and waited a few minutes for his three traveling companions. When the boat set sail, the four of them were already sharing laughter and drinks around a table. That was the plan during the hour and a half that the cruise lasted. Upon their return, when the sun was already beginning to set in the city, the four disembarked and went to a bar to continue enjoying the afternoon.

The photographs of Rosauro Varo, Amaia Salamanca’s partner, with a friend

The extensive and detailed report that appears this Wednesday exclusively in the pages of Lecturas magazine leaves no room for doubt. The businessman and partner of the actress enjoys a relaxed and intimate evening. Accompanied by two friends and a friend, Varo does not hesitate to open the mansion he owns in Seville to spend the night. A spectacular property that he uses with the actress and her children when they are in the city. It was not until the next day when they were seen again, in different clothes, leaving the property. All this without the presence of Salamanca during the evening.

Rosauro was very complicit with one of the friends who accompanied him on this day. The four of them took a trip on one of the yachts that sailed the Guadalquivir and the gestures between the businessman and one of the friends were constant. Only in the pages of Lecturas magazine can we see the photographic report that accompanies this story. A detailed minute showing the movements of Amaia Salamanca’s partner.


Rosauro Varo, a successful businessman

Rosauro Varo is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in Seville. His relationship with Amaia Salamanca, often punctuated by rumors of crisis, gave him a notoriety that increased what Varo had already earned in the business world. “Ros is an entrepreneur, a self-made person who set up his first business when he was only 17 years old,” Amaia Salamanca said of him. They say that the Sevillian began delivering bottles at home with his Vespino at private parties. He soon became the face of one of the most successful Sevillian nightclubs, the Boss nightclub, on Betis Street.

From there I moved on to such strategic sectors as tourism, real estate and technology. The sale of the company Pepephone, which he had bought some time before with his partner Javier Hidalgo, brought him income of almost 160 million euros, to which he would add the 30 he received from Cabify for his 2,000 licenses. A large business heritage that has allowed him to own several houses in several Spanish cities and enjoy a high lifestyle with his partner and his children.

In addition, the businessman holds various highly important positions in leading companies. Varo is a member of the board of directors of Acciona Energía and the advisory board of Telefónica Spain, and last May he was appointed vice president of the board of directors of Movistar Plus +.

The love story of Rosauro Varo and Amaia Salamanca that has lasted thirteen years

Rosauro and Amaia, who met at a party in Ibiza, were celebrating thirteen years together this summer, they have three children and have never made wedding plans. “Just because we are getting married doesn’t mean that we love each other more,” says Amaia. Despite the surprise of the beginning of their relationship, since they come from very different worlds and the businessman had already been linked to other well-known faces such as Vicky Martín Berrocal, the couple has managed to overcome obstacles.

They have been together for more than a decade and have three children together. A large family to which Salamanca has dedicated the last years of her life. Combining her career in front of the cameras with a more family side, the actress has been seen on numerous occasions and events with her family. Now, Lecturas magazine exclusively reveals the images of Rosauro Varo accompanied by two friends and a friend in his fabulous palace in Seville.

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