She is María Alejandra, Paola Jara’s sister who steals everyone’s attention – People – Culture

She is María Alejandra, Paola Jara’s sister who steals everyone’s attention – People – Culture
She is María Alejandra, Paola Jara’s sister who steals everyone’s attention – People – Culture

Paola Jara is one of the most recognized singers of the popular genre in Colombia, this has allowed her to accumulate a large number of followers on her social networks, since she has more than 6.4 million on her Instagram account.

Furthermore, his fans tend to be very aware of his life and also his family, Well, recently her younger sister, María Alejandra Jara, went viral, as she captivated Internet users with her beauty.

From what can be seen in his official account, María Alejandra is a social communicator and has a specialty in strategic communication and digital marketing. In addition, she has her own hair product company called Coco Vital. Even the interpreter of ‘Mala Mujer’ has helped him on different occasions to make different advertising guidelines.

On her personal Instagram account, the young woman already has more than 499 thousand followers and usually shares photos of her trips around the world and what her life is like with her family, friends and her husband, whom she married in August 2021. .

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It is also evident that she likes to take good care of herself, since she constantly exercises and shares different beauty and well-being tips with her followers.

Despite the age difference, María Alejandra has shown that she gets along very well with her sister and they are there to support each other through thick and thin.

“Always celebrating us, supporting us and challenging us to be better. Every day I admire you more, you are a teacher of life; Yesterday you brought out the best in you as always and once again you showed us that it is possible. Thank you for inspiring me and teaching me so much! I love you @paolajarapj How proud to see you fight and fulfill dreams,” María Alejandra wrote in one of her publications.

On the other hand, The woman from Antioquia has also worked as a model for the singer’s sportswear brand, Pjfitwear. According to ‘Vaguardia’, María is also part of her sister’s communications team.

How was María Alejandra Jara’s marriage?

The young woman married her husband, who is a businessman, with whom she has been in a relationship for several years on August 30, 2021. On his account he shared several photographs and videos that show that the ceremony was held with guests from his inner circle and Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe were his special guests.

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María Alejandra has managed to stand out on social networks for her charisma and beauty. Furthermore, she has known how to build her own path, which is very different from the one chosen by her older sister.


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