The passionate photos of Diego Torres with his new and young girlfriend

The woman in question is called Martina Diazworks as a real estate agent, is a fan of the singer, and they met when he filmed the movie almost legendsalthough at that time nothing happened between the two, only the first contact occurred.

“We had said that Diego Torres and Martina Díaz were starting a relationship. In fact, we show some photos. A matter that this couple prospered. We have unpublished photos of the couple. It seems that she put points on him a little and he said ‘let’s move forward’”said the panelist Paula Varela.

And I add: “They had met a few years ago. When he was filming Almost Legends. She was near the filming, a relative worked there and she came over to have some mates. And there she met Diego.”

“He was still in a relationship, nothing happened there. They just met. And some time later, when Diego was single, they met again,” the journalist explained.

And about the life of Martina commented: “She is a real estate agent and a fan of Diego. She is a beautiful woman he met about five years ago because he wanted to buy at the Chateau de Libertador. “He invited her to see a show and they met, but at that moment nothing happened.”

AND Mariana Brey pointed out that “She is very beautiful. She was dating a footballer, Martin Šari, whom I have known for a long time and I know about this relationship, I know that they were very in love, but that at one point the relationship broke up.

diego torres martina diaz 1.jpg

diego torres martina diaz.jpg

The reunion of Diego Torres and Débora Bello after their separation on Nina’s birthday: all the photos

It was back in December 2021 when Diego Torres confirmed his separation from the model Débora Bello on the television table of Juana Viale after 17 years as a couple and a daughter together: Little girl.

And it was precisely the girl who was in charge of bringing her parents together, at least publicly, on the occasion of her 10th birthday. This is how she made it known. Deborah from their social networks by sharing several postcards from the birthday celebration with the singer, who is in a relationship again.

“My 32-week premature child has already turned 10 years old! My little warrior from the day you were born. You filled us with love. You taught us the true meaning of the word forever,” I dedicate Beautiful to his daughter, while adding: “The one who teaches me day by day to be a better person… the one who makes my soul strong and my heart soft. Happy life my little one. I love you. We love you!”

Meanwhile, his father Diego Torres He chose to share a tender video from his Instagram account with Little girl tribute mode. “Happy birthday to that wonderful little person who illuminated my life! PS: we recorded these images a few years ago to use in the show. Enjoy them as much as I do!” wrote the musician.

Debora Bello Diego Torres and Nina – birthday10.jpeg

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