The gestures of Rosauro Varo and Amaia Salamanca that now make complete sense

The gestures of Rosauro Varo and Amaia Salamanca that now make complete sense
The gestures of Rosauro Varo and Amaia Salamanca that now make complete sense

Rumors of crisis have followed the couple formed by Rosauro Varo (44 years old) and Amaia Salamanca (37 years old) since the beginning of their relationship. Discreet and shielded from the press, the silence they have created about their relationship is such that this has encouraged rumors. Solo appearances by both are common in which they avoid making references to their partner. It is now, in light of the exclusive report published by Lecturas magazine, when gestures of the past become relevant. Even the actress herself had to come forward to deny a breakup that was taken for granted after many months living separate public lives.

The crisis of Amaia Salamanca and Rosauro Varo

When Rosauro Varo has become news for the images with a friend spending the night in the mansion she owns in Seville, all eyes are directed towards her relationship with Amaia Salamanca. The couple has been surrounded by breakup rumors on more than one occasion. The last one, a few months ago. It was the end of 2022 when the actress had to stand firm to deny a distance with her partner that had been rumored since the summer. The couple had not been seen in months and the existence of a crisis was assumed..

Without public images of both, Salamanca reappeared in the reading of the Goya award nominees and claimed not to have denied anything. The denial of the denial. Jealous of their privacy and always shielded from other people’s gaze, the businessman and the actress avoid making reference to their marriage. There have been few occasions in which we have been able to see them together at special events or days. And they have a large family already made up of three children in common.

“I think it is very important to have a person you admire by your side, and if they are evolving professionally and going further, it is a pleasure to be able to help them. Are there things that would improve? Of course, but that always happens in a relationship, Nothing is so perfect, although we make a good team.” These words from Salamanca during an interview for ‘Elle’ magazine reignited the flame of the crisis.


The absence of wedding plans for Amaia Salamanca and Rosauro Varo

After thirteen years together, Why haven’t Amaia Salamanca and Rosauro Varo gotten married? It is one of the questions that always appear when the couple is around. Although they try to say as little as possible, the actress has responded to this mystery on occasion. “We are very well and comfortable,” she assured, confirming that they had no wedding plans. The couple has never thought about going through the altar despite already having a large family and several houses they own.

Perhaps it is this lack of formalization of marriage in a solid and established couple that has fueled rumors of separation and crisis. “The spark is not always alive. You have to make romantic plans,” stated an interview with the actress. However, it seems that the couple also makes many separate plans. This Wednesday an extensive report appears in the pages of Lecturas magazine where the businessman can be seen accompanied by a friend and two friends and without a trace of Amaia Salamanca’s presence.

Where was the actress when her partner spent the night with her in the mansion that the family owns in Seville? In the images published by Lecturas magazine we can observe in detail the single life that the businessman enjoys away from the family.

Not a photo together of Amaia Salamanca and Rosauro Varo

However, possibly one of the things that draws the most attention about the relationship between Amaia Salamanca and Rosauro Varo is the absence of photos together. The couple is rarely seen in public and never attends events where they can be immortalized. Walks down the street, Holy Week processions and little else. And always with caution not to show gestures of affection or complicity. But it doesn’t all stop there. Nor do they show off their life as a couple or family on social networks. The actress, very active in her profiles as a public figure that she is, does not share images with her husband. There is no trace of Rosauro’s existence in Amaia’s ‘media’ life.

This is something that they have maintained from the first moment they began the relationship and that is already a trademark of the house. It also, of course, encourages speculation and rumors about the sentimental health of the businessman and the actress. Now, after the publication by Lecturas magazine of an exclusive report with Varo as the protagonist, everything changes again.

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