Martín Cárcamo’s pending dream in Mexico: he almost fulfilled it with De Tú a Tú

Martín Cárcamo’s pending dream in Mexico: he almost fulfilled it with De Tú a Tú
Martín Cárcamo’s pending dream in Mexico: he almost fulfilled it with De Tú a Tú

Martín Cárcamo says he is comfortable. After leaving the animation of the Viña Festival, today he continues at the head of What Chile says —which is almost launching a new season of “Champions League”—; although in parallel he handles other problems that will soon come to light.

“It has been wonderful, because this is the most successful format on world television, it is done in 70 countries and it is the oldest entertainment program,” the Channel 13 host expresses to The fourth about the contest space. “Having the opportunity to do it here is the only thing that has generated learning for me.” The program has been competitive in the ratings, it has even led some days, something “that we had not experienced here for many years,” she admits. “It only has virtues,” she remarks, since it also “generates very, very, very good vibes with people.”

Added to this is that “we have been making the format have its own identity; In other words, we have our musicalization, we reveal things and numbers in a different way, we present the teams in a way and I give myself plenty of license to break the scheme,” he highlights. “That has also meant returning to my essence, that I am an entertainer.” He adds who points out that he is not a journalist; “So this allows me to improvise and play,” he says.

In fact, he has noticed a change in the public when he goes for a walk or goes to the supermarket: “I really enjoy conversations with people and children come up to me a lot, which didn’t happen before because I was in the morning,” he says in reference. to his stage for the extinct Welcome. “Children ask me for photos or say ‘give it to me!’”

“Today I am where I want to be, and where I think I can contribute the most, which is entertainment and animation itself, which there are few programs in which you can develop it, and conversation; more than today,” she remarks. “Morning shows today are focused on information and current events.” So, with its times, “between the from you to youor some conversation program, and What Chile says “It’s perfect, especially for the moment I’m living.”

“I don’t have a journalistic background that allows me today to address current events like others can, to be very honest,” he insists on his distance from the morning shows. “I did it especially in recent years when we had to do the morning show, but I felt that where I can develop the most, and what fulfills me the most, is animation.”

The pending dream

After three seasons of from you to you, referred to its continuity: “The channel has to see that; There were episodes recorded, still saved, which are very good, because when the reality show came on the season was shortened a little,” he explains about his departure from the air because of Brave Land. “The channel has to program,” she says.

In almost three years, Martín has done about 150 interviews. “Now, let’s rest, and later I will surely return,” he predicts. Furthermore, “I am piloting other things that I cannot tell; But, deep down, my idea is to continue advancing the conversation.”

Of all those conversations he had with different figures, from Chino Ríos to Monserrat Álvarez, the host assures that “I have many favorite interviews; But, for example, I interviewed Luis Alarcón, when he was 92 years old, and it was incredible,” he says. “And after a while he passed away,” so “I think that’s where not only the conversation becomes relevant, but later when a person, so important in the art world, dies, you realize that you revisit that conversation and learn a lot.” .

He also highlights “having interviewed high-level athletes, or Don Francisco in Miami.” Anyway, “I have learned a lot, it has been like 150 therapies, hahaha.”

Looking to the future, he highlights that “it was very good to do some artists abroad like ‘Puma’ Rodríguez, Luis Fonsi or Chileans who live in Miami”, so he has a pending idea: “Now I would like to go to Mexico , go look for him from you to you, but with popular Mexican artists,” he says. “That would be my dream.”

What’s more, “at one point I was about to do it, but my dates didn’t fit with theirs, because to make a trip of that magnitude you have to go and interview at least four or five, otherwise they won’t give you the budget.” ”. So “at that time I could interview two; “I couldn’t put together the complete package to justify the trip.”

“But it is one thing I have pending, to do Emmanuel, Mijares, Marco Antonio Solís,” he closes. “And if Luis Miguel comes out, I’ll retire right there, hahaha.”


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