Diego Torres and his new girlfriend are no longer hiding: vacations and kisses on the beach

Diego Torres and his new girlfriend are no longer hiding: vacations and kisses on the beach
Diego Torres and his new girlfriend are no longer hiding: vacations and kisses on the beach

The photos of Diego Torres and Martina Diaz that confirm the courtship (Partners of the show. El Trece)

Deborah Bello and Diego Torres, a prominent couple in the world of entertainment, shared more than 16 years of life together. The relationship between the singer and the model, which was consolidated with the birth of his daughter Nina in 2013, culminated in marriage in December 2020. However, the following year, during an appearance on the show Mirtha Legrandthe son of Lolita Torres would announce their separation.

In that interview, the interpreter expressed his sentimental situation frankly. He stated that although they were going through a difficult period, their affection for each other remained intact, especially for the well-being of his daughter, whom they both loved deeply. He acknowledged that long-term relationships often face these types of challenges. In response to the curiosity of the host of the cycle about a possible reconciliation, Torres seemed uncertain, leaving the answer in the hands of time. However, that reconciliation never materialized.

The first known image of Diego Torres and Martina Díaz

After that, Diego continued focusing on his musical career, releasing the song It seems like a lie, inspired by her personal experiences during this period. In an interview with Teleshow, explained that the song reflected not only their separation but also other personal relationships. She stressed the importance of handling separations responsibly, especially when there are children involved, since songs, like relationships, leave a permanent mark.

Later, after keeping his love life away from the public eye, the singer decided to no longer hide his relationship with Martina Diaz. The couple chose to make their relationship public by attending her birthday celebration together at a well-known bar in Palermo. Estefania Berardi He was the one who shared the images of the couple on his social networks on that occasion, showing them enjoying the event surrounded by friends close to Martina, thus marking a new chapter in Diego’s love life.

Martina Díaz works as a real estate agent

In the last hours, in Partners of the show (El Trece) the journalist Paula Varela revealed that the relationship progressed favorably, and unpublished images of the couple were obtained. The panelist commented that Díaz established certain conditions in the relationship, to which Torres agreed, deciding to move forward together under that scope.

Varela also detailed how Torres and Díaz met. The initial meeting occurred years ago, during the filming of the movie Almost Legends. Martina was near the set, because a relative worked there, and she came over to share some mates. There she met Diego, who was working on the film and was still in a relationship with Débora, so nothing happened beyond a chance meeting. However, once the performer was single, they met again. And everything was different.

After a cautious start, Diego Torres and Martina Diaz are no longer hiding

After his separation from Débora Bello, Diego Torres gave love a chance again. His new partner is Martina Díaz, a real estate agent… and fan

Who is Martina Díaz? Varela described her as a real estate agent and admirer of the author of “We are together.” She noted that they met again about five years ago when Torres was interested in purchasing property at the Chateau de Libertador. At that time, he invited her to one of her shows, but no romantic relationship developed.

Diego Torres and Martina Díaz met by chance. Over time, they regained contact and affirmed their relationship.

Diego and Martina are no longer hiding

Diego Torres and Martina Díaz kiss, with the sunset as a backdrop

It should be noted that when the rumors of romance between Torres and Díaz began, they were also born in parallel between his ex Débora Bello and the actor Nicolás Tacho Riera. This occurred after several similarities in networks where they were shown during the same time at the Aspen Snowmass ski resort, in the United States. “There had already been a first date between the two and they have friends in common,” they stated on the Trece entertainment program, although it was the model who later shared an image to put an end to the speculation where they were actually seen together sharing a vacation.

For his part, Riera would detail, bluntly: “We share a ski group with her in Aspen. We shared a couple of days of skiing and it was great. It’s really cool, divine. But we share that, the cold and the snow. Now I am single and open to love,” said the ex. Almost angels, who is currently in a relationship with Thelma Fardin.

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