Fran Rivera speaks for the first time about the problems she has had with Lourdes Montes

Fran Rivera speaks for the first time about the problems she has had with Lourdes Montes
Fran Rivera speaks for the first time about the problems she has had with Lourdes Montes

Fran Rivera and Lourdes Montes attended the film’s preview together Napoleon, performed by Joaquín Phoenix and directed by Ridley Scott. The couple was one of the guests at the event that took place at the Prado Museum last Monday, November 20.

Cayetano’s brother posed at the photocall with his wife and then spoke to the media present there. During the brief interview, both acknowledged that it has not been easy to maintain the 12-year relationship, but that, fortunately, they are better than ever.

Fran Rivera confesses the obstacles her marriage has had

Fran Rivera went to an event again a week after we saw him at the flamenco gala. On that occasion she coincided with her brother Cayetano de her and assured that, between them, there was no type of distance. Although they never posed together on the red carpet.

On this occasion it was Lourdes Montes who accompanied him to the preview of Napoleon, which took place at the Prado Museum, in Madrid. A date where the couple has rubbed shoulders with other faces of the couché paper such as Isabel Preysler or Xandra Falcó.

Drawing a parallel with the film’s protagonist, Fran commented that, in certain aspects, he feels identified with him. “I’ve been fighting all my life, I’m a potential Napoleon,” she joked to the media.

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The couple is one of the oldest in the tabloid press, but life has not always made it easy for them. As Lourdes recognized, the secret is “working hard on love, affection and respect, and being very generous with each other.”

Fran, on the other hand, admitted that “the key to success is Lourdes” and went one step further. The former bullfighter admitted that “it hasn’t been easy the whole way,” but he was proud of having overcome the problems.

And in these 12 years of relationship, the marriage has gone through difficult times. Fran himself confessed this, stating that “there have been obstacles” that have put their relationship at risk. However, he reiterated the fundamental role that his wife has played in those difficult moments.

This is how Fran Rivera and Lourdes Montes overcame their last relationship crisis

Fran and his wife thus recognized, openly and without any shame, that their marriage has gone through some couple crises. These 12 years of relationship have not been a bed of roses, but both have known how to overcome difficulties.

Both admitted that the problems were resolved “by loving each other very much and with zero selfishness”, this being the key to why they are still together today. Hence, Lourdes alluded to the importance of being generous.

Fran Rivera in a bow tie and Lourdes Montes dressed in red posing

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The most complicated moment the marriage went through coincided with Fran’s withdrawal from the world of bullfighting. Cayetano’s brother acknowledged that seeing himself without bullfighting was a shock in his life that affected their relationship.

“For a while I couldn’t find anything that fulfilled me and Lourdes and I had a difficult time, I closed myself off,” he confessed. Montes was the main victim of this situation, but she knew how to redirect the situation.

It was thanks to her that they were able to overcome adversity and enjoy their life together again. “She was up to the task,” she said at the time. Now, Fran has once again highlighted the role that Lourdes played and how, thanks to her, they are now happy.

What does not seem to be resolved, at the moment, is his relationship with Cayetano. After his controversial statements about his brother’s way of fighting, some media outlets point to a crisis between them. However, Fran insists that everything is fine and avoids delving into the topic at hand.

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