Adabel Guerrero’s painful story about her mental health

To this question, Guerrero responded: “Yes, with therapy it was not enough for me. I asked the corresponding person for help” and he added: “At first my psychiatrist did not want to medicate me, he told me that he had a life with a lot of nice things. But “I had been carrying a past that weighs on me, full of guilt… And I found myself taken out, I reacted badly.”

Adabel Guerrero mental health

At that moment she said that her concern about this depression was whether she had inherited her mother’s illness. “My mother had many psychiatric problems and fell into alcohol. She ended up dying from all those problems. I was afraid it was hereditary. They are the ghosts,” she assured.

However, he explained: “So, I decided to take medication to stabilize my emotions. and little by little I began to regulate myself. Luckily I stopped taking them. And I tell it now so that it can be seen that it can be improved and that it is good to ask for help.”

With these statements, Adabel Guerrero not only excited everyone, but also surprised by confessing that her husband, Martín Lamela, never found out about her medication.. “No, I didn’t tell my husband. I don’t know if he’s finding out through the media. But I didn’t tell him because he was going to get involved,” He closed by facing, for the first time, the painful struggle he went through.

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