Chiara Ferragni and Fedez speak for the first time since the Italian media declared their marriage broken | People

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez speak for the first time since the Italian media declared their marriage broken | People
Chiara Ferragni and Fedez speak for the first time since the Italian media declared their marriage broken | People

After weeks of speculation in which the international media consider the marriage between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez broken, the protagonists of the story have broken their silence. The pioneer influencer The 36-year-old has reappeared on her social networks this Thursday after a time away from them more than usual, at least in regards to sharing her private life: “I haven’t been present here for a while. “They have been a bit hard days and I wanted to say hello, I wanted to know how you are.” For his part, the Italian singer has monopolized the spotlight this Thursday, February 29, during a charity event for mental health in Turin, in which, despite everything, he was able to be photographed with the engagement ring. Even so, he did not take kindly to the fact that his marital crisis was the protagonist during the event: “It is interesting to see so many journalists interested in mental health,” he said ironically in front of an audience to whom he spoke about his own experience, about how hard which was facing his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in March 2022.

The still-married couple has always been positioned as one of the most beloved on social media, but in recent months it has been in the spotlight due to continuous rumors pointing to a possible crisis between the Italian businesswoman and the rapper. “I have been through a very painful moment and I was asking my followers how they feel. I really hope to get back to the usual positive Chiara as soon as possible. Thank you for all the love and support, it means the world, especially in times like these.” This is how the Italian began, a conversation with his more than 29 million Instagram followers, in which he has opened a conversation space where many have been able to send messages of support. “Chiara strength. After the storm the rainbow always comes out,” commented one user, to which she responded: “You don’t know how much I wait for it.”

It was last February 20 when the influencer Italian spoke about Fedez and the situation of Ferragnez ―name by which marriage is known in the transalpine country―. In an interview for the newspaper Corriere della Sera, Ferragni confessed that she preferred to stay away from the public spotlight on everything related to her relationship with the singer. “Everyone wants to have an opinion, but for me, more than giving explanations, it is more important to do what I think is right: keep the problems within the family walls,” she said in the Italian newspaper. “He is my husband and in my opinion, in certain situations of extreme chaos, things are better to keep within the couple,” she warned in the interview, which was conducted before the Italian press published that Fedez had left the marital home.

For his part, the singer did not want to give details about the alleged crisis that the marriage is going through. During this Thursday’s event, organized by the Circolo dei lettori Foundation, he was able to chat with more than 300 young people about the problems arising from his mental health. “You don’t have to take life too seriously because you won’t get out of it alive,” he declared as soon as the event began. Furthermore, he took advantage of the moment to tell how he felt during the treatment for his pancreatic cancer, confessing that he had to be treated with antidepressants: “If I died, my children would not remember me, they were too young. And that was absolutely what scared me the most, more than death itself. But it was also what gave me the strength and determination to face the operation.”

It was the portal Dagospiawhich published, on Thursday, February 22, that the relationship between influencer and the rapper had come to an end, confirming that Fedez and Ferragni were no longer living together. Then the main Italian media supported him, such as The Republic either Il Corriere della Sera or the Italian edition of the magazine Vanity Fair, in the absence of official confirmation from the protagonists of the story. “The rapper left the marital home last Sunday and has not returned since. At the moment there have been no official statements or communications about the breakup, since both have chosen to remain silent until further notice. Of course, the live interview that Ferragni has given to Fabio Fazio is already being prepared and will take place on the set of “Che tempo che fa”, explained Vanity Fair. This long-awaited interview, where it is expected that the influencer Tell what happens with your marriage, it will be broadcast on Sunday, March 3. Since that publication, Fedez and Ferragni have moved discreetly. In fact, she was not seen at Milan Fashion Week, where she is usually a regular.

The separation and possible breakup of an emblematic marriage for the millennial generation, in addition to being very little expected by its millions of followers, has occurred at a difficult time for both. The Italian empire hangs by a thread after being involved in a media controversy for alleged fraud in a supposedly charitable advertising campaign. The influencer is being investigated by the Milan Prosecutor’s Office for fraud aggravated by the alleged charity work linked to the sale of several products she launched, including her personal brand in other firms, such as pandoro ―typical Christmas sweet―. According to a statement released by the transalpine country’s powers in December 2023, the influencer and the food company, Balocco, deceived consumers into believing that when purchasing a pandoro They were going to contribute a donation to acquire new machinery for the therapeutic treatment of children with osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma, which cost Ferragni a fine of more than one million euros for alleged fraud and the rejection of many of his loyal followers. . Now it remains to be seen if he is referring to that when he talks about a “very painful moment” or if it is really related to the end of his marriage that more and more media take for granted, in the absence of official confirmation from him.

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