Did Belinda have an affair with her cousin? The singer’s father arrives at ‘VLA’ and breaks the silence

Did Belinda have an affair with her cousin? The singer’s father arrives at ‘VLA’ and breaks the silence
Did Belinda have an affair with her cousin? The singer’s father arrives at ‘VLA’ and breaks the silence

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Mexico City.- Since last week, Belinda has given something to talk about, the reason? Was hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery under the suspicion that he had a cancerous tumorFortunately, this was not the case, a fact that was denied by the singer’s mother. CactusMrs Belinda Schüllwho a few days ago had a meeting with the press at the Airport, where he explained that the biopsy It came out negative.

Recently, the medium Come the Joy revealed that they managed to interview Belinda’s father, Mr. Ignacio Peregrinwho provided more details about the health condition of the singer, confirming that everything had happened quickly and that she did not understand “the medical terms” very well, although she highlighted that, fortunately, everything had ended in a “scare” and that now, the singer Love at first sight You would have to focus on your “post-operative” care.

Taking advantage of the meeting, the press questioned Belinda’s father about his daughter’s love life, especially because of Belinda’s most recent statements. Lupillo Rivera in The House of the Famous 4a site in which he acknowledged that he still felt “affection” for the former child star of various melodramas of Televisato which Peregrín managed to avoid controversy and wish “the best” to the ‘Toro del Corrido’ and singer of What are you bragging about?.

“And what do you want me to tell you? I wish the best to Lupillo… and to everyone,” the man stated.

Already getting into the topic of Belinda’s romances, the reporters asked Peregrín what he thought of Cactus, a song that the famous woman would have used as a kind of relief for her breakup with Christian Nodal. In the same way as before, the singer’s father avoided falling into controversy and only wished the singer the best. Mexican regional.

“Cactus? No, no, that’s a hack. Cactus, I think it has been more of a question of climate change perhaps (…) (Christian Nodal) May you be very happy and may things go great, yes, what do you want me to say? You have to do your job, and I respect and applaud him, but I also cannot be saying things that I do not know,” declared the man.

Did Belinda commit incest?

Finally, the press decided that they were not afraid of success and they addressed an extremely delicate topic for the Peregrín family and that is, according to some rumors, Belinda would have had a love relationship with his cousin, Jorge, so they questioned Ignacio about this topic, which he completely dismissed and mentioned that the press usually makes note of absurd speculations: “Incest? But what are they talking about? This is a “It’s a completely crazy thing, I mean, what do you want me to tell you? If I tell you now that I’m Japanese, you already have a topic for debate.”

Sources: Tribune/Agencies of Mexico

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