Dulceida, full of joy, announces that she is expecting her first child with her wife Alba Paul

Dulceida, full of joy, announces that she is expecting her first child with her wife Alba Paul
Dulceida, full of joy, announces that she is expecting her first child with her wife Alba Paul

Dulceida (34 years old) and Alba Paul (36 years old) have given the most anticipated news. The influencer and her wife have shared a photograph on Instagram with which they have announced that they are going to be mothers. On numerous occasions, Dulceida has made known her desire to start a family. Now, she has finally been able to give the good news to the millions of followers she has on social networks.

This is how Dulceida announced the news of her pregnancy

As it could not be otherwise, Dulceida and Alba Paul have chosen instagram to share the good news. They have done it with a series of photographs in which they have shown the ultrasound of the baby they are expecting and with which they have shown that it is Aída Domenech (this is Dulceida’s real name) the one who is pregnant of their first child together. Some images in which Aída appears showing her belly and which have been accompanied by a text in which they have written “your moms are looking forward to you.”

As soon as Dulceida and Alba Paul shared the news of the pregnancy, the comments of your followers and friends They have not been long in coming. Everyone who has been following Aída Domenech for years knows well that one of her vital goals was to be a mother. On her social networks, in her documentary and in some interviews, Dulceida has always spoken openly about her desire to start a family. Hence the enthusiasm of those who congratulated him today has been palpable. Among those congratulations there have been no shortage of those from well-known faces such as Laura Escanes, Ana Milan, Anita Matamoros, Jonan Wiergo or Lucía Pombo.

Dulceida and Alba Paul put the icing on the cake for their second chance with their pregnancy

The news of Dulceida’s pregnancy comes just one year after the couple’s reconciliation. In 2021, after years together and experiencing events as important as her wedding, The influencer and Alba Paul broke up their marriage. A time in which the two were affected and in which on more than one occasion they stated that they continued to get along well. However, at that moment his thing was impossible. Until a year ago they took the step of giving themselves a second chance and, judging by this good news, they are doing quite well.

The other future plans of Dulceida and Alba Paul that now make more sense

Just a few days ago, Dulceida and Alba Paul shared another good news. The couple posted a video of their new home. It is a spacious home about which they said “here is our new home in Madrid where we will continue creating our history.” Now it makes sense that the couple has moved to a bigger house. It will be there where they can raise their baby, of which they have not yet told whether it will be a boy or a girl, in complete comfort. One more sign that after their reconciliationthey do not stop taking steps together on the path to starting a family.

Regarding work, Now a new opportunity opens up for them. Especially Dulceida, who will be able to add her pregnancy to her role as an influencer. Aída Domenech begins a new stage in her life that can open the doors to new collaborations with which she will also be able to share the best moments of her sweet wait with her followers.

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