Nuria Roca and Juan del Val reveal in ‘El Hormiguero’ what would be the reason for the dispute if they separated

Nuria Roca and Juan del Val reveal in ‘El Hormiguero’ what would be the reason for the dispute if they separated
Nuria Roca and Juan del Val reveal in ‘El Hormiguero’ what would be the reason for the dispute if they separated

It is common to see Juan del Val (53 years old) and Nuria Roca (52 years) sharing projects. Every Thursday, like today, they sit at the ‘El Hormiguero’ table with Cristina Pardo and Tamara Falcó to discuss the latest current affairs and reveal some details about their day-to-day life as one of the most solid marriages on television. On weekends they go from Antena 3 to laSexta to liven up the afternoons at ‘La Roca’. They have made it clear repeatedly that they are the best accomplice for each other. Proof of this is that the couple dares to add a new project to your busy schedule.

From television they go to podcast. Nuria Roca shared a video this Monday in which she and Juan del Val play at having a blind date. “Do we know each other?” the writer asks. “No, not yet, but we can meet,” she replies. However, upon discovering the names they have chosen to introduce themselves, the magic is broken. “This blind date thing doesn’t suit us well,” says the Valencian. “No, is that you and I are more than a double date“, responds the man from Madrid, thus presenting the podcast that they have just released.

Nuria Roca and Juan del Val They have released ‘Double Date’ this April 15. This format, which can be heard on Podimo, has a clear objective. Search, depending on the platform that drives it, demystify everything we take for granted in relationships: family economy, political ideologies within the couple, sexuality, motherhood and fatherhood, conciliation and much more. To do this, this high-profile couple will receive other couples as guests who will share their testimony. New episodes can be heard every Monday. The first one is now available.

Nuria Roca and Juan del Val reveal what their reason for dispute would be in the event of separation

Of course, despite having released this new project, Nuria and Juan want to separate their different focuses of profitability. That is why they have said absolutely nothing about their podcast during tonight’s gathering on ‘El Hormiguero’. Instead, they have had no problem returning to give details of how they manage their lives.

It all started with a premise from Pablo Motos: “The main focus of disputes between couples in Seville when they separate are the booths and chairs for the April Fair and Holy Week.” A statement that has surprised his colleagues and that made them burst into laughter. Next, the presenter wanted to know what would be the reason why they would argue.


The first to respond was Nuria, who seemed to have it clear. “I don’t have a shed, but I have a house. Then I thought, ‘I’ll keep the house, of course, it’s in my name,'” she said, smiling. Faced with her words and with his usual ironic humor, Juan stated that he had no answer. “I have nothing to say. keep the house, with the children, with the dogs. I have nothing to fight because the house is yours,” he said, amidst the smiles of his colleagues.

Tamara Falcó also wanted to make her contribution after listening to them, stating that in her case perhaps they would argue over membership in an exclusive club. “I am a member of a club. Now I’m married and if Íñigo wants to be part of that club, he must pay a fee. But if we separate… the club keeps the money and Íñigo goes out,” he explained.

A very profitable marriage

Juan del Val and Nuria Roca join a new project without leaving aside the rest of their work, which they do together and separately. Each has their own projects and commitments, but it is clear that they work well together. They have become one of the attractions of Antena 3 and have even starred in different advertising campaigns. They have known how to make their marriage profitable and turn it into a trademark.

They said ‘I do’ on October 6, 2000. 23 years have passed since then, but it was not until 2014 when they began working together. They collaborated for three years on ‘The best thing that can happen to you’, the morning program that Melodía FM had at that time. His great showcase as a media couple has been and is ‘El Hormiguero’. Every Thursday, they star in debates about current events with Tamara Falcó, Cristina Pardo and Pablo Motos himself.

The Anthill

Juan and Nuria exude complicity and affection in each of their interventions, where they do not hesitate to reveal some of the ins and outs of their relationship. They have even dared to reveal their secret to being happily married for so many years, one that is much simpler than expected: “We like each other.” The writer told it during one of his visits to ‘And now Sonsoles’. Sharing this facet with viewers is part of its appeal.

Juan del Val and Nuria Roca, beyond television

Their success as a couple is not just a thing for television. The Valencian and the Madrid native have managed to cross the small screen. They have worked together on advertising campaigns. They have been Cortefiel ambassadors in 2021 and 2023. They also dared to write together. The result was ‘The Inevitability of Love’. They have real estate, the house they live in in the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón. This semi-detached house is valued at 1.5 million euros.

The couple also has different companies. Tospelat SL was founded in 1999. Nuria is the sole administrator; Juan has been its attorney since 2017. He is dedicated to different professional activities and has an active asset of almost three million euros. Juan del Val founded La Boleta Producciones SL in 2003 to carry out, according to ‘The Objective’, “communication work, television production, new formats, film and theater production.” It is also dedicated to artistic representation, management and artistic management; among others, to Nuria Roca herself. He has more than 400,000 euros in assets.

They have known how to combine their most professional side with their private life. They report this on their social networks. They show their side as parents, but they also share their plans as husband and wife. There are many activities they do with their three children, Juan (21), Pau (17) and Olivia (13). However, they also try to make time for themselves. At Easter they escaped to New York for what could well have been a second honeymoon.

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