Letizia says goodbye to Holland in a big way: her cuddling with Felipe


historic state visit of Kings Felipe and Letizia to the Netherlands It has served to strengthen ties between both countries, promote bilateral relations and verify the great connection that exists between both royal families. But also, as expected, to admire Máxima’s parade of looks and Letizia’s best dresses in Holland, which reached their maximum splendor at the gala dinner held in Amsterdam.

Although on this notable occasion much of the limelight went to Princess Amalia, both for her elegance and for the

secrets that his father revealed about his stay of several months in Madrid. The curious anecdote involving Letizia, who was forced to sit during the hand kiss due to a foot ailment, was also widely commented on.

The last day of the trip of the kings of Spain to Dutch lands has been marked by the meeting between the

Elcano Royal Institute and the Clingendael Institute in The Hague to which Felipe and Guillermo Alejandro have attended. Meanwhile, Letizia, wearing an orange look in tribute to her hosts, accompanied Queen Máxima first to a place that offers free activities for young people with mental health problems, where they participated in a discussion about the film ‘Campeonex’ and later visited the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival.

Amalia’s reverence to Felipe VI

It is traditional that on state visits like the one Felipe and Letizia just made, the guests organize a

act of return in gratitude to their hosts. In this case, the brooch took place at the Straat Museum in Amsterdam, where the

farewell receptionafter both couples and their companions visited a contemporary art exhibition starring Spanish and Dutch artists.

Amalia of Orange bows to Philip VI in Amsterdam. /


But before the party began, the kings met in the parking lot at the entrance to the Straat Museum and Princess Amalia starred in the first anecdote of the evening:

He bowed before King Philip, who, as Guillermo said the night before, has acted as second father to the Dutch heiress in Madrid for several months. Amalia’s connection with the Spanish kings is more than evident. Although she does not exceed by far her total and

absolute dedication to his motherfrom whose side neither sun nor shadow is separated.

The curious thing is that the fact that Amalia opted for what the Dutch media ‘De gerdenlander’ described as “an unmitigated double bow” upon the arrival of the kings of Spain

could almost be described as rebellioussince Amalia’s great-grandmother, Queen Juliana, did not like this protocol and abolished bowing at her court.

The cuddling that Felipe and Letizia did

The royals triumphed again with their looks. In a new nod to the Netherlands, Letizia opted for a model by Moroccan designer Mohamed Benchellal living in Holland, while the Argentine once again

He placed his trust in his faithful Jan Taminiau for an original shiny gray dress covered in scales. She returned the wink since Taminiau currently lives and works in Spain. Finally Amalia chose a flattering green satin midi dress.

Queen Letizia was most smiling and enthusiastic while touring the museum’s exhibitions, among which stands out

the opening of the DUO exhibition. This is a Spanish-Dutch creative collaboration in which ten murals by ten street artists, five Dutch and five Spanish, are presented, visually exploring the cultural history of both nations.

The two couples along with Princess Amalia did not hesitate to pose with some of the artists and Letizia chatted animatedly with several of them. Later, one by one they also left her autograph in a commemorative box of the occasion.

King Felipe grabbed Queen Letizia by the waist. /


As a curiosity,

Felipe VI was very affectionate with his wife, and tenderly grabbed her by the waist in an unusual gesture in this type of formal event. It is also true that in some of her last appearances in public, it seems that

marriage has lost the fear of showing its affection and we have been able to observe more doses of cuddling between the two. Good for them.

After the group photos, both royal couples, along with Princesses Amalia and Margaret and her husband, Pieter van Vollenhoven, mingled among the reception guests to enjoy an agape.

King William’s surprise for the gift of his guests

According to the Dutch media ‘De Telegraaf’, the Frisian monarch was most surprised by the event that took place in the museum. “Raw, daring and incredibly original,” were the words of William Alexander about

the gift that Felipe and Letizia have given him. “How are we going to overcome that?” Said the always spontaneous royal, before clarifying that he usually visits cultural centers with his wife, but rarely like this one.

Don Felipe also had good words to summarize this state visit, which also took him to the Cruyff Court in Betondorp, the Estec space center and the port of Amsterdam, among other places of interest. “AND

this is the best possible ending to the visitat the center of creativity,” declared the Spanish monarch.

In his speech during the gala dinner, the King of Spain already thanked his hosts for their hospitality and highlighted the ties that unite both peoples. Although the comparison he established between his daughter Leonor and Princess Amalia was especially celebrated.

«Our parliamentary monarchies advance together towards the future, hand in hand with two young women of their generation,

Princess Amalia and Princess Leonor, deeply committed to their nation and their people,” he said during a speech that was received with loud applause.

An almost empty agenda and a birthday on the horizon

Once the kings of Spain return to Spain, the rest of the week is practically clear for them except for one

event that will take place at the Teatro Real in Madrid this Friday, April 19, to which only Don Felipe is scheduled to attend.

His Majesty the King will preside over the

Telefónica centenary commemorative gala and the subsequent concert. Music has been and will be present at the three major institutional events of the year for the company that has just turned 100 years old: at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, ​​the Teatro Real in Madrid and the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

The month of April will also be marked by another very special date for the Royal Family:

Infanta Sofía’s birthday that will take place on the 29th. The young royal will blow out 17 candles for the first time away from home, as she is studying the first year of the international baccalaureate at the UWC Atlantic boarding school in Wales. At the moment her father has already given her her first ‘gift’ with the assignment of her first institutional role: the delivery of a new photography award organized by National Heritage that will bear her name.

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