What happened to Jon Cryer, the actor who played Alan in ‘Two and a Half Men’: his other series and films

What happened to Jon Cryer, the actor who played Alan in ‘Two and a Half Men’: his other series and films
What happened to Jon Cryer, the actor who played Alan in ‘Two and a Half Men’: his other series and films

Jon Cryer in ‘Pretty in Pink’ 38 years ago and today

You can spend an entire career working in the world of film and television, there are actors who are only remembered for a single role. And if not, ask Elijah Wood, Daniel Radcliffe either Mark Hamill. This curse can be fought, as demonstrated by cases such as that of Robert Downey Jr. with Hombre de Hierro or that of Robert Pattinson with Twilight, but it costs. Jon Cryer would probably be in the first group, although it will not be because he has not tried to be in the second.

The one who gave life to Alan in Two and a half Men He took a somewhat opposite path to the aforementioned actors. He also began acting at a very young age, but it was not until adulthood that he landed the role with which he would be remembered for posterity. In 2003, when Cryer was already 38 years old, he got the opportunity of a lifetime. And it was so because the network in charge of the series didn’t even want Cryer, who had come from two failures on television and whose image as a teen idol from the 80s had long since passed away.

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However, there appeared his then good friend Charlie Sheen so that he could get the role, when everything was against the New Yorker. The rest, as they say, is history: Two and a half Men became one of the most watched comedies of its time, Cryer earned consecutive Emmy nominations and ended up winning two statuettes thanks to his role as Alan. A role that suited him like a glove and that perfectly captured the pathos and tenderness that his previous characters had been giving off, since he was a young man setting style in the teen cinema of John Hughes with The girl in pink

Charlie Sheen starred on Two and a Half Men for 7 seasons

Because we must not forget that long before being Alan, Jon Cryer was Phil ‘Duckie’ Dale, his first big role on the big screen as a somewhat “special” teenager. Special for the time, because in reality Cryer was inaugurating a cliché that would become established in adolescent cinema, such as the best friend of the protagonist who seeks to be more than just a friend. A role that he would play like no one else alongside another teen film icon like Molly Ringwald and in which he would largely be typecast in his next roles.

Because after The girl in pink, the next great film that Cryer would make would no longer be a comedy, but directly a parody. It was about Hot Shots!a film that parodied different legendary titles from the 80s such as Top Gun, Rocky either supermanof which Cryer had precisely been a part when giving life to the nephew of Lex Luthor in the fourth installment of the saga. But the most important thing that the actor would take away from that film would be his friendship with Charlie Sheen, its protagonist.

Ironically, it was Sheen who was the cause of Cryer’s rise and also largely of his downfall, as Two and a half Men began to fall apart with the actor’s departure due to personal problems, leaving Cryer with the young man Angus T. Jones and a Ashton Kutcher that never ended up taking shape in the show. What not everyone knows is that Cryer’s life could have changed if he had been cast in another great role in television history, that of Chandler Bing in Friends. “I was working on a play in London and I got a call from someone in Los Angeles in the early hours of the morning. It was Marta Kauffman, (creator of Friends with David Crane). She had a script called Six of One and I thought ‘This sounds interesting,” the actor said in an interview.

Cryer ended up auditioning for the role of Chandler, but as fate would have it, the film didn’t even reach the casting directors. “I did the best I could. They packaged the tape with my best Chandler Bing performance, sent it to Los Angeles, and it got stuck in customs. He broke my heart“, the actor would recognize years later, although he admitted that Matthew Perry was the ideal actor for the character: “I think Matthew Perry did a genius job. I could have done a decent job, but I don’t think I would have reached his level.”. Cryer currently stars in the series Extended Family, in which he plays a man who tries to keep his family going after getting divorced. We will never know what Chandler would have been like, but we do know that Cryer will be Alan Harper for life.

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