The tricks to take care of your hair from Rossano Ferreti, the hairdresser of celebrities and members of royalty who has built an empire in the world

He is a pioneer in the hair industry, who has traveled to numerous countries and created an incredible career learning the trade as a child in his grandmother’s salon.

“My whole life has been about changing the rules of the game.” Rossano Ferreti He has cut the hair of numerous well-known models and actresses, including members of royalty, with his invisible method. “This cut arose because in the 70s, 80s and 90s everyone wore it the same, without respecting each hair, its movement and natural fall. Today it is the most copied on the planet,” says the Italian.

Cutting wet hair doesn’t make sense, because it weighs more then, he argues. On the other hand, dry has a different style. “It is also not necessary to have bangs because they wear and be a trend if it doesn’t suit you“, Add.

Ambassador for 15 years of L’Oréal and another five of Coty, among other brands, visits Spain on the occasion of the launch of its hair products for Kiko Milano. Now more women can afford the Italian’s formulas, which also has an exclusive salon in the Spa of the Four Seasons in Madrid. “When my countrymen contacted me, their beauty and skin care concepts fit very well with my philosophy but gave it the meaning of democratizing my brand, because I am currently in the best hotels in the world and I could not reach a broader audience” , Explain.


The significant difference between taking care of your hair and using the correct products and not doing so is reflected in the structure and appearance.

He grew up in his grandmother and mother’s hair salon, in the small Italian town of Campegine. He always knew that he would be a hairdresser, but not just any one, he says. “I always talk about effective, quality ingredients. A good example is olive oil: you can’t have a good one for less than five euros. The same thing happens with cosmetics. Women usually have 30 products to care for your skin and only a couple for your hair“he reasons.

His talent has led him to build an empire around the world and revolutionize hairdressing. “We have to educate a lot and change the culture of hair beauty because the climate has changed, pollution is in the environment and hair is the first thing that collects all the dirt“. You believe that we do not take good care of it or enough. “You use dryers without thermal protection, you apply shampoos without reading the ingredients, you think that masks and conditioners weigh down your hair instead of nourishing it and you wash your hair every day , something that is not necessary at all because you lose the oil from your scalp,” he lists.


Rosano Ferreti’s products for the Italian brand Kiko Milano that democratize their formulas.

Normally, someone with straight hair wants to get a perm and someone with curly hair fights against frizz. abusing irons and with aggressive treatments. We tend to want hair we don’t have. “Don’t make me talk about this,” she shakes her head.

“My first word is natural, my second word is respect and the third word is inclusivity. This includes understand what your hair is like and not fight against it, but take care of it so that it is beautiful. Respect it and know proaging and not antiaging [proenvejecimiento y no antiedad]”. He gives the example of Brazilian women. “They have very curly hair and they undergo so many processes to have it straight that in the end they are bald. For me that is unthinkable because you are not going to change it and nature has its meaning.”

He stress It is another of the great evils for hair loss. “Saudi and Indian women are experiencing a new accelerated pace of life right now. We’ll see how they are in 20 years in these new place to be [lugares de moda] where it is built big. But it is difficult to combat because if you do not have a calm lifestyle, the body becomes inflamed and stops dedicating itself to secondary things like producing hair,” she says.

It is recommended to keep a healthy food, with many varied ingredients. “All this is better seen in the real cause, in the blood tests, I could not give a general recommendation beyond betting on local seasonal products. It has to be treated by a doctor. I take a different menu right now in Spain than in Italy, adapting as much as possible to the country, because one of my values ​​is sustainability,” he argues.


We ask for the greatest aberration in the hair. “Do not use heat protectors if you use dryers and irons. It is a deadly mistake that you do not protect it from heat toolswith everything that women do today at home on their own,” she criticizes. Healthy hair is the sum of everything we do in our lives, she says. “It’s a lifestyle.”

He believes that there is a generational change. “From the millennials They begin to be interested in what they apply, because a shampoo also falls down your body in the shower“says someone who is considered one of the best hairdressers in the world.

He assures that he has practically had scissors in his hand since the crib. “All salons today and the concept of Hair Spa They drink from how I designed the hairdressing space 25 years ago. He talked about taking care of his hair like his skin since then.” He confesses that he didn’t like the noise that hairdressers had, how they cut themselves, how they did their color… “I have evolved in a self-taught way, traveling a lot. My culture is global, always listening to women that I attend to.”

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