Arnold Schwarzenegger tells how he tricked Sylvester Stallone into starring in a movie that ended up failing

Yesand we talk about rivalries in the world of cinema we have to do it like they did for years Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. The two have been for many decades the main faces of the wildest action productions of the Hollywood industry, being two clear examples of what American film studios understand by tough guys. However, this rivalry, which was especially latent during the last decades of the last centuryhas given rise to a relationship cordial and close currently.

Far away are the statement crosses between the two, which became very heated, with both parties making strong statements against their professional colleague. Time heals everything, or so they say, and as the two have gotten older, their bad relationship has calmed down..

Now, Schwarzenegger and Stallone have conducted a joint interview with the TMZ portal where They have recalled the best moments of their rivalrywith an Arnold Schwarzenegger who even confessed as tried to boycott his professional colleaguenow converted into a friend and battle companion.

Schwarzenegger’s trick to get Stallone to accept a disastrous job

In the aforementioned chat with TMZ, Schwarzenegger commented that he had found out that Sylvester Stallone was one of the candidates to star in the movie ‘Stop! Or my mother shoots’released in 1992. However, the Austrian-American actor He found out that the script was very badwhich is why he rejected the work, but not before carrying out a trick for his then rival to accept the position.

Arnold commented that he had thought that Stallone would accept the role if he discovered that he was also interested in the production, so he decided to call his agent so that he, in turn, called Sylverster’s. Said and done, since When Stallone’s agent received the call, his client accepted the role.. Time ended up proving Schwarzenegger right, who got his way because the movie was a disaster. Stallone himself acknowledged in the conversation with TMZ that I didn’t know the intrastoryopenly stating that had been deceived.

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