“When they touch me on what I love most…: Daniela Aránguiz responded with everything to Maite Orsini’s complaint

“When they touch me on what I love most…: Daniela Aránguiz responded with everything to Maite Orsini’s complaint
“When they touch me on what I love most…: Daniela Aránguiz responded with everything to Maite Orsini’s complaint

The controversy between Daniela Aránguiz, Maite Orsini and Jorge Valdivia continues to make people talk in the entertainment world. Last Friday it was revealed that The deputy filed a lawsuit against the former Mekano and declassified some very strong emails.

The parliamentarian filed a complaint in the Fourth Guarantee Court of Santiago, in which she accuses Aránguiz of the crimes of libel and slander in the media.

Along with the lawsuit, it was presented a folder with 73 pages of evidencewhich contain screenshots of Aránguiz’s social networks, emails, Congress minutes and notes from different media.

“I do not regret”

In the recent chapter of “follow me”, Daniela Aránguiz raised her voice and referred to the legal action that Orsini filed against her.

“The first thing I’m going to say, I do not want the word children to be mentioned in any media, because my children are minors. If she exposed them, she will have to pay the consequencesbut I do not authorize any media to talk about any issue that involves my children,” the panelist warned at the outset.

After this, he assured that “There are no insults, there are no slanders here. I am foul-mouthed but terrible. When they touch what I love most, I’m going to defend it tooth and nail. AND I do not regret a single word or email I have written.”.

The panelist indicated that she could not talk much about the subject, but clarified that “The emails are sent to my ex-husband, Jorge Valdivia. I don’t have that lady’s email and I have never sent her an email.. We did message each other on WhatsApp, when I caught her (…) that Jorge was being unfaithful to her, a long time ago. And then I found out that on this trip he was with her, I did have a conversation with Maite.”

“I can’t talk much about this topic because today I even met with my lawyer,” Daniela explained. “He gave me the advice, that it comes in here and comes out here, but not to talk too much so that we wouldn’t get into another mess,” she added.

Likewise, he stated that “I know that there is a demand and just as I know that I am 100% sure that everything I have said is the truth, because I have proof”.

“I am very clever. When I say something, I always have the person who says it to me recorded.. Always. (…) I’m not afraid or anything, I don’t regret it, but it does catch my attention and I don’t want to believe in my ex-husband’s lack of manhood, in facilitating or showing his new girlfriend messages that are between us“, He launched.

“And the other thing catches my attention and I don’t want to question it, but I had the feeling that I wasn’t talking to Jorge when I sent those emails. When you message or talk to someone for so many years, you know how the person writes, the way they express themselves,” said Daniela.

Regarding the email in which she addresses the representative directly, the panelist explained that it was because “I realized that she was occupying (Jorge’s) email.”.

“The last thing I’m going to say, I think this is a tantrum attack because of some emails that I will show you soon, that I sent to Jorge and after those emails and it being known that I was single, this happens,” Daniela Aránguiz concluded.

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