Ronnie Arias talked about his health after his stroke

Ronnie Arias talked about his health after his stroke
Ronnie Arias talked about his health after his stroke

Written in SHOWS he 4/23/2024 · 11:00 p.m.

Currently away from television, Ronnie Arias returned to the radio. A few months after resigning from the panel of Poco Correctos, the cycle of eltrece hosted by Pollo Álvarez and Chino Leunis, he returned to hosting “Sanata” on Pop 101.5.

Some time ago his life took an important turn. After marrying Pablo, her partner for 28 years, they decided to adopt Juan, her nephew (son of her deceased sister Silvina). In a recent interview, she told details of her present.

Regarding the stroke he suffered, Ronnie Arias He assured that he “didn’t even know” that he had had it. “It all started when I was at home doing gymnastics on Zoom and I had to go to the LPA program and suddenly, I started repeating like crazy,” she revealed.

“My coach realized that something was happening to me and started asking me where I lived, who I lived with. I was alone because Pablo was in Uruguay and Juan had gone shopping. When he arrived, the coach told him to take me to Fleni,” he added in the note.

Then, in the note he gave to La Nación, Ronnie Arias He said that he didn’t remember anything. “I had a temporary or momentary amnesia. But after six months I had studies done and they told me that at some point during those six months, I did have a stroke. I never found out,” explained the former Sarasa driver.

“I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t have any symptoms,” said the Pop 101.5 member who, in any case, clarified that he had no injuries left from the stroke.

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