Fabiana Cantilo told why she left Charly García to go out with Fito Páez

Fabiana Cantilo told why she left Charly García to go out with Fito Páez
Fabiana Cantilo told why she left Charly García to go out with Fito Páez

But Fabiana was also, in those years where rock was a revolution and an energy contrary to the status quo, the personification of that rebellion as a woman, and in those crazy years, she had romances with some of the greatest of our music, like Charly García and Fito Páez.


Fabiana Cantilo singing before the eyes of Charly García

In recent days, Cantilo gave an interview to the web medium Infobae, where he talked about his present, music, policies against art, and also his past. But he also went through Soñé que Volaba in Olga, and there he remembered what his relationship with Fito Páez and Charly García was like.

Fabiana Cantilo’s declarations of love for Charly García and her relationship with Fito

Fabiana Cantilo, an emblematic figure of Argentine rock, surprised by revealing in a recent interview that she was deeply in love with Charly García in the years prior to the arrival of Fito Páez.

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In explosive statements during his participation in the program “Soñé que volaba”, on Olga, Cantilo spoke about his relationship with García and his subsequent meeting with Páez. According to the interpreter, Páez’s “hypnotizing” presence marked a significant change in her love life.

“Charly was offended because I said he had thousands of mines and I ran away from him. I did give him the ball anyway, but suddenly he said ‘I don’t want more’. I was in love badly, but he had his arsenal,” commented the artist.

Furthermore, Fabiana revealed that, despite her love for García, the relationship was cut short by the appearance of Fito, who became her partner for six years: “And, out of nowhere, Fito appeared and Fito kills Charly.” .


Fabiana Cantilo and Fito Paez

It should be noted that, in an interview with Infobae, Fabiana Cantilo had given details of her current financial situation, acknowledging having spent a large part of the money she earned with music and living from day to day.

In the talk, the singer acknowledged her history of excesses and disorders that affected her career and her economy, for which she was very remorseful, since she managed to get rid of addictions years ago.

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