Shakira has earned a lot of money with her songs dedicated to Piqué

Shakira has earned a lot of money with her songs dedicated to Piqué
Shakira has earned a lot of money with her songs dedicated to Piqué

Shakira recently revealed that she finished her ‘revenge’ period against Gerard Piqué in her songs, so she does not plan to write another song for her ex-partner. Her compositions after her separation have not only been a form of relief for the Colombian, they have also been hits that make the singer’s fortune greater.

In the Spanish press they have taken out a calculator and added up the earnings that Shakira had in recent years with her first songs against Piqué. In this analysis, only the famous ‘revenge triad’ was taken into account, that is, the first three songs that tell what happened to the former soccer player.

It all started with ‘Te Felicito’, his song with Rauw Alejandro. Although when this song was released the world still did not know that Shakira and Piqué were facing a separation, after the announcement all its lyrics made much more sense and became more popular among the Colombian’s fans.

Then came ‘Monotonía’, alongside Ozuna, in which Shakira exposed through revealing lyrics and a moving video the way in which the Spaniard had hurt her heart. Besides, The artist was shown crying and with a great emptiness in her chest, a product of Piqué’s infidelity..

In January 2023, the Barranquilla woman broke barriers with the ‘Bzrp Music Session Vol 53’, together with the Argentine producer Bizarrap. It was his most revealing which he talked about his relationship with Piqué’s parents, his infidelity and, in addition, he mentioned Clara Chía.

How much money has Shakira earned from those songs?

Although after these Shakira has released new songs against Piqué and in her new album Women no longer cry presented ‘Última’, with which he assures that he closes the cycle, Only those first three songs meant millionaire profits..

According to the Spanish press, with ‘Te Felicito, ‘Monotonía’ and ‘Bzrp Music Session Vol. 53’, Shakira has added more than 20 million dollars to her bank account.

They detailed that ‘Te Felicito’ has collected profits of 12.5 million dollars; while ‘Monotonía’ had revenues close to 4.5 million. Finally, to this is added the 3 million dollars that she collected on digital platforms with her collaboration with Bizarrap.

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