Pilar Rubio talks like never before about her marriage with Sergio Ramos and reveals what they always agree on

You have to have a lot of morals to sit next to Pilar Rubio being such a beautiful woman. With a wide smile and super modeled legs, she is the mother of four children and wife of the soccer player Sergio Ramos. With a charisma that has made her a prominent figure on television, where she has been a collaborator on ‘El Hormiguero’ for years, as well as on a television program that explores the wonders of the Canary Islands. I meet Pilar in Madrid to chat after the presentation of the Selmark Mare collection, the Galician brand with which she has collaborated for years, and for which this season she has designed swimwear for women of all ages

Pilar Rubio: “I take care of myself, above all, mentally”

Mother of four children, Sergio Jr, Marco, Alejandro and Máximo, a Pilar Rubio I can’t help but start by asking her what her secret is to having that great body. “Be happy. I try to take care of myself, above all mentally, which is what is important, because you achieve tranquility and peace of mind, which ensures that your body reflects that image, that your gaze has a liveliness that it would not otherwise have,” I said. responds. I see a serene and mature Pilar Rubio who, over the years, claims to have learned to invest her energy in what is important, which for her are her children and her work: “Seeing my children happy, being able to do the jobs I want.” I like them, it’s what feeds that energy that I need,” he confesses. And speaking of his children, he confesses that Every time she gets sick or gets on a plane she thinks: “Don’t let anything happen to me, I have four children.””.

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Pilar Rubio: “Sylvester Stallone is the famous person who has surprised me the most”

Pilar Rubio has always confessed to being a rocker and admits that she pays a lot of attention to “type” rock stars. AC/DC that, although they are considered gods, are usually humble and calmbecause they started from the bottom, and people who start from the bottom have had to work to achieve their goals.” “Which famous person you’ve met has surprised you the most?” I ask him. “Sylvester Stallone me He liked it a lot because he is a person who He believed in himself and worked hard to go with a script written by him and tell a director: I want to do it and I want to do it like this.. In the end, they believed in him and he achieved what he has achieved,” she says with admiration. The same admiration she feels for her parents, whom she is grateful for having instilled in her values ​​that she now transmits to her children: “Work, humility and treating everyone the world with respect. They have taught me to be self-sufficient and responsible. I always I asked them for money for things I wanted to do like sign up for English classes., and they have always trusted me. I’ve never had anyone tell me I can’t do this or that. I have been learning little by little.” “Is it because with your status you are still at the top of your game?” I ask. And she immediately responds: “I don’t have any status, I am known because I work.”

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Pilar Rubio: “My relationship with Sergio is very beautiful”

Your relationship with Sergio Ramos has been in the eye of the media storm lately, so I ask you how you take the rumors that their marriage is going bad and he tells me: “I guess it must be more fun to tell and invent things, the more sensational the better, than to say that a couple loves each other.” “Despite being very different,” he noted. “Totally different,” she reaffirms. “Maybe that was what attracted her to Sergio Ramos,” she told him and she explained to me: “Look, there is one thing we agree on: When we go to a restaurant, we always like the same thing“We don’t like raw fish, we don’t like caviar, nothing raw.” A curious response that concludes with a blunt statement: “I can only tell you that our relationship is very beautiful“.

Pilar Rubio: “I didn’t go to the Fair because I had to work”

Pilar Rubio lives between Madrid and Seville, but we have not seen her at the last April Fair. We did see Sergio Ramos, so he asked him why he didn’t go and he explained to me: “Because I had to work. I have been in Alicante taking photos, from where I came to Madrid, to present ‘Selmark Mare’. “Do you identify with that way of enjoying the Andalusians?” I ask. “I am not Andalusian, I am from Madrid, but I love it, just like the Malaga fair, the Córdoba fair, because they are the most important fairs in our country at that level. We should be proud of the culture we have in Spain. In every city there are great artistic monuments. “I am an admirer of our country.”

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Pilar Rubio: “I have sewn at home all my life. My mother is a seamstress”

Pilar Rubio has been collaborating on Selmark designs for some time and I’m curious to know where your passion for fashion comes from. “When I was little I was already behind the counter of a children’s clothing store my parents owned. My mother is a seamstress and in the end it is something that is in your blood. I have grown up among needles, threads and thimbles. Sewing is a way to develop that part that I miss so much, since I have sewn at home all my life.” Her other passion is TV. She has been collaborating for ten years on “El Hormiguero”, a program to which she is grateful: “ It has given me a life, it has brought out another part of me that I didn’t know I had, the courage that thanks to Pablo Motos I have developed in me. I owe him practically everything, since I worked with him I am another woman, without fear of anything, more than a boss he is a friend“he concludes.


Rosa Villacastín is one of the most prestigious chroniclers of the gossip press in our country.

He was born in Ávila on June 2, 1947. He studied Literature at the Complutense University. She began her professional career in the Historical Archive, a year later she was appointed manager of the Rubén Darío Archive at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. In 1971 she joined Diario Pueblo, where from 1977 to 1983 she experienced the 23F Coup firsthand in the Congress of Deputies. At the end of Pueblo he works at Diario Ya and Grupo Vocento. In Radio he has collaborated in RNE, Antena 3 Radio and in SER with Xavier Sardá and Gemma Nierga. And with Concha Garcia Campoy at Punto Radio.

He has collaborated in magazines such as epoch, Panorama, Interviú, Tiempo, Mujer de Hoy, El Semanal, Yo Dona, and LOC of Diario El Mundo. For 26 years she has collaborated in Diez Minutos magazine doing a weekly interview.

On TVE he started with Teresa Campos until he joined Antena 3 TV, where he co-presented ‘Extra Rosa’, with Ana Rosa Quintana; ‘Rosa’s mornings’ and ‘The afternoon’. She currently collaborates with TV.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the APM (Association of Journalists of Madrid).

Among the many awards received, we must highlight the one given to him by Adolfo Suarez as Popular de Ávila. Woman of the Year by the women of Zamarramala, Segovia; Silver Garbanzo for her professional career. The Golden Microphone, and The Ciudad de Marbella, and the Internacional de Prensa, as well as The Pablo Iglesias, awarded by the UGT of Castilla y León.

She has written several books, among others ‘The Saints’ Club: Golden Divorces of Democracy’, ‘There is Life After 50’, ‘Dear Imbecile’, ‘If Nothing Hurts at 60, You’re Dead’. “Princess Paca: the great love of Rubén Dario.” And “The years we loved madly.”

For years she has given talks and conferences on women and the media. She has given voice to the documentary ‘Mujeres Olvidadas’. Directed by J.Echeverria-Torres.

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