Lola Medina, mother of Nacho Palau and ex-mother-in-law of Miguel Bosé, dies: the emotional farewell to her son

Lola Medina, mother of Nacho Palau and ex-mother-in-law of Miguel Bosé, dies: the emotional farewell to her son
Lola Medina, mother of Nacho Palau and ex-mother-in-law of Miguel Bosé, dies: the emotional farewell to her son

Nacho Palau and Lola Medina in a Mediaset montage.

Nacho Palau He has shared the saddest news on his social networks, his mother, Lola Medina, has passed away. “Rest in peace and thank you for being the best mom in the world, I couldn’t be more proud and grateful,” he wrote in an emotional post that was accompanied by an image of his mother and the song Wonderful Worldby Sam Cooke.

Although he has not revealed the reason for his death, everything indicates that it is due to the cancer he had been suffering from for years. Last summer, when it seemed that Lola Medina had recovered from the cancer lung that was removed in time and that was diagnosed two years ago, received the news that he was suffering from the disease again, for which he has been being treated. As if that were not enough, the woman I was paralyzed after an error by radiating her cancer, as revealed by María Eugenia Yagüe. And she added that Lola, her friend, was “in a nursing home and is terrible.”

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“He’s already seventy-something. Two years ago it was fine, but things happen to you that undermine you. She hit him hard,” commented the Valencian in an interview with the magazine Readings in June 2023. Although his words were not encouraging at all, nothing predicted this tragic end.

Faced with this situation, the man who was Miguel Bosé’s boyfriend for more than two decades was sincere and stated that “there is a moment when you say, I can’t take it anymore, I won’t get out of this.” And, while he supported his mother, Nacho himself was also dealing with cancer.

After sharing the news, Nacho has received a large wave of messages of support and affection. Not only from her fans, but also from well-known faces who knew her mother and will miss her. Among them is the journalist Maria Patino, who wrote to him: “I am very sorry. Your mother was her and she is wonderful.” “Nacho, for God’s sake, what a great shame! “I remember her defending you with all her might on television,” he added. Mercedes Milá, who recalled the passion that Lola had for her son. Other celebrities have also joined them. Marisa Martin Blazquez, Rosa Benito, Asraf Beno either Isabel Rabagoamong others.

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Lola Medina gave her last interview last December to the magazine Soon. In it he revealed his difficult condition and said that he lived in a residence so that his children could face their family responsibilities more easily. “They can’t keep an eye on me. “I need help for everything, because I can’t take care of myself,” she revealed.

Furthermore, he let it be known that he was suffering from “serious mobility problems” and his great desire was to “walk again”, although he still did not know if he could do so again. “Doctors don’t know. This has happened to another woman and me, we are both the same. With how active I was…” she lamented.

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