Andrés Cepeda reported that an airline damaged his instruments

Andrés Cepeda reported that an airline damaged his instruments
Andrés Cepeda reported that an airline damaged his instruments

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Bogota native Andrés Cepeda is one of the most listened to artists in the Colombian music industry. managing to captivate thousands of his followers, who accompany him at his concerts and other events inside and outside the country. He has also been a judge on the program La Voz Kids on Canal Caracol, participating in more than seven seasons in this project.

Recently, Cepeda spoke on his social networks explaining that Delta Airlines, when he traveled to the United States, It damaged his favorite musical instruments that he works with on his tours and concerts.

“It is with great sadness that I must tell you that on this tour of the United States that has brought me so much happiness, I have lost two of my favorite and most valuable instruments: “Two of my Gibson guitars were destroyed during two different flights on Delta Airlines,” Cepeda said.

Besides, The singer showed a video where he shows the employees of said airline packing their suitcases “without care and respect.”

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“I am infinitely grateful for Gibson’s generosity in providing me with instruments to replace those that were destroyed and thus count on them to fulfill our commitments,” added the singer.

With this, Andrés sends a message to other companies dedicated to transportation “so that they understand the importance of the work tools of musical artists.”

“I know that I speak for many of my colleagues, who suffered the same mistreatment traveling with our music around the world. I hope this testimony helps airlines understand that Our instruments are not only expensive and acquired with great effort, but rather we establish an intimate and personal relationship with them, since they are the tools with which we practice our trade and also the vehicles of our art,” he pointed out.

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