Galilea Montijo reacts to criticism for how many years she is older than her boyfriend

Galilea Montijo She regrets that the fact that she is older than her boyfriend, the Spanish model, causes such a stir. Isaac Morenowith whom she has had a romance for months, which increasingly seems to be more stable, since the couple usually accompany each other at public events and increasingly demonstrate their love for each other on social networks.

The host of “Hoy” is seven years older than Moreno, which for her “is not even that many,” something that would not be taken into account if it were the other way around, what happens when a man is with “a girl.”

“Men are applauded for being unfaithful, hanging out with younger people, and today things have changed,” he admitted during a garage sale event.

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Montijo, 50 years old, is a divorced woman with a 12-year-old son, while Moreno, her boyfriend, has just turned 43 and is also the father of a minor.

For the host, who shared that she is focused on her work, new projects and “beautiful vibes”, love has also helped a lot so that maturity has been good for her.

Galilea Montijo and Isaac Moreno show off their love at Premios Platino. Photos: EFE/Instagram.

When asked what to do when women are criticized for hanging out with younger men, Galilea recognized that these assessments are a product of the machismo that women still have to fight against.

“Women continue to fight to obtain our paths and our respect and our priorities, unfortunately women continue to fight against that machismo today,” she admitted.


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