The categorical definition that Javier Milei gave about Fátima Florez two weeks after the separation

President Javier Milei referred to Fátima Florez in an interview he gave this Wednesday, and extended a categorical definition about the imitator that made it clear that the break between the two occurred on the best terms.

In dialogue with Luis Majul on El Observador 107.9, Javier Milei made a mention about Fatima Florezjust after talking about the work relationship and closeness he has with the members of his Cabinet.

Can I make a comment that may be a minor issue but it is not?“, introduced Milei. Then the president continued: “Some time ago I was dating a very beautiful young lady named Fátima Florez, who is intelligent, talented, brilliant, has spectacular humor and an excellent human being. I had met her on Mirtha Legrand’s program. We went to dinner together. I promised to return to that program if I won the elections. And I returned to the program. But I didn’t go with Fátima, I went with Patricia”.

Fátima Florez and Javier Milei shared a couple of public meetings in Mar del Plata during the summer. Photo: Telam.

After kindly referring to Fatima Florezalthough placing the artist in a past time in her life despite the fact that the announcement of the separation occurred just a couple of weeks ago, Javier Milei He insisted that currently his closest people are the members of his team, remarking: “It is an important fact to realize how integrated we are. On Sunday, before going on air with Horacio Cabak, I was working with Patricia”.

Fátima Florez and Javier Milei met a couple of years ago on Mirtha Legrand’s program. Photo: Video capture El Trece.

The announcement of the separation of florez was communicated by himself Milei from his X account. When arguing the reason for the breakup, the president expressed in the post in question: “As a result of the overwhelming professional success that Fátima is experiencing, of whom I am extremely proud, she has received numerous job offers to work in both the United States and Europe. This, added to the complex task that I face today and that the Argentines have entrusted to me, has led us to live separately, making the relationship that we would like to have impossible, despite how much we love each other. That is why we decided to end our relationship and maintain a bond of friendship given what we feel for each other and how much we love, respect and admire each other.”.

Beyond the explanation they provided in common Javier Milei and Fatima Florezthe separation of both was surrounded by multiple hypotheses, but the artist made it clear that the relationship ended on good terms by imitating the president in a performance she gave last weekend in a theater in Mendoza.

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