Luis Ventura made a drastic decision: “When places are confused, inconveniences are generated”

Luis Ventura made a drastic decision: “When places are confused, inconveniences are generated”
Luis Ventura made a drastic decision: “When places are confused, inconveniences are generated”

Luis Ventura, host of True Secrets

With almost 40 years of career in different media, Luis Ventura He has always been comfortable in each of the media in which he transmitted information or shared the different moments of his life with his followers. However, one of his last experiences did not turn out as he expected, which led him to make a strong determination.

The creator of True Secrets He made it known through a text that accompanied a photo that caught attention for its particularity: a close-up of a black leatherette: “People… I made the decision to retire from Instagram”. When detailing the reasons, he stated: “Some things have happened to me involving misrepresentation of messages, emoticons that are not mine or are misinterpreted.”

In this sense, Ventura admitted some difficulties in functioning in the digital universe: “The truth is, I don’t get along well with technology. I lived much of my life without this window to the whole world. I choose my little story to tell and show it to those I really choose. Thank you,” he concluded in a publication that generated an immediate response from his audience, receiving almost 1,500 “likes” and multiple farewell comments and good wishes from his followers.

Luis Ventura’s post revealing that he is retiring from Instagram

Due to the repercussions, Teleshow He contacted Ventura to elaborate on his decision. There are times when one gets sick of situations and there are things that I don’t understand. I am a very frontal guy, very face-to-face, very hand-to-hand, I don’t need networks, I simply use them for work.”he assured.

When places are confused, that is when inconveniences, misunderstandings and I don’t want to arise,” added the panelist from In the afternoon. “When I go on vacation and turn off my cell phone, I live very happy with my family and myself. I don’t want to be visualized, listened to, analyzed, judged, condemned, acquitted… That’s what God is for, no one else.”he concluded.

His followers made it clear in their messages that they will continue to support him in his future projects and on the platforms where he decides to be present. “No, Luis, we always want to see you and hear from you.“, stated one of the first comments, while another confided that “you can set up your account and not receive comments if you don’t like it.” For its part, another of the comments in his favor read: “Soon we will all do the same, it is difficult to endure ugly comments, do what makes you happy, and if you do not communicate visually and close the comments so we continue to see you.”

Regarding his personal present, on April 26 occurred the tenth birthday of Anthonythe son of his relationship with Fabiana Liuzzi. With great joy, the journalist and the little boy’s mother celebrated the event in style. They did not skimp on any details, so the minor enjoyed all the luxuries on his special day.

With the colors of his favorite soccer team, Antonio was entertained at an evening with his friends and loved ones (IG @luisventurasoy)

“Happy Birthday Toñito! I am you and you are me. 10 years is a long time, let’s know that we have a whole life ahead of us and with a lot of happiness. I love you son“, wrote the driver in a post where he is seen smiling next to the little boy. The congratulations did not stop coming and a wave of comments was noticed on the Instagram platform. “May you always be seen this happy with your dad and mom”, “Have a beautiful day”, “Beautiful, happy and enlightened year, Antonito”, “Happy life to the three of you”, “Happy life, Antonio” , were some of the messages that users sent to the little one on the new anniversary of his birth.

But the celebration did not end there, since the president of APTRA decided to organize a birthday party for him in a party room. With the theme of the Victoriano Arenas Athletic Club, known by its acronym CAVA, and the presence of well-known Disney characters, the youngest blew out the candles on his cake with his parents. Excited about the event, the journalist took it upon himself to share all the details in cyberspace, where he revolutionized the networks with the original idea.

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