the photo of the reunion – GENTE Online

the photo of the reunion – GENTE Online
the photo of the reunion – GENTE Online

The internal family between Indiana Cubero, Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera dates back more than a year. There were many versions that circulated, and so far none of those involved clarified what exactly happened.

The truth is that from seeing the teenager enjoy trips and family moments with her mother and her partner, to moving away completely and deciding to live with her father, Fabián Cubero. From there a legal battle began between the former couple, and among the restrictions that were imposed on them, they could not talk about the minor before the media, in addition, they showed her less and less on social networks.

Over time, Indiana decided to make her Instagram profile public and followed in her mother’s footsteps into modeling. She also seemed much closer to her: she accompanied her on her wedding day, they spent their 15 years together and most recently, she attended the baby shower of her next baby.

There was a lot of talk about the reunion between Nicole and her eldest daughter, but little was known about her relationship with Manu Urcera, until this Thursday The famous woman published a photograph in which they appear together. This would be the first time that the teenager poses with her mother’s current husband after the strong controversy that separated them.

This reunion took place within the framework of the welcome of Neumann’s fourth baby. After the baby shower attended by the model’s best friends and part of the family, organized a photo session with Sienna, Allegra, Indiana and her husband.

The first photo of Indiana Cubero with Manu Urcera after the controversy with Nicole Neumann.

In the image, they all appear with matching looks. Nicole wore a black dress that shows off her huge pregnancy belly in her last weeks, while the girls were very cool with outfits of jeans and black t-shirts. And, the pilot opted for total black.

One of the alleged reasons for the conflict between Nicole Neumann and her daughter, Indiana

Months ago, the comments he made were leaked manu Urcerathe husband of Nicole Neumann, who I wouldn’t have known how to deal with some typical attitudes of a teenager. “The relationship between them is very complicated. They told me that the girl doesn’t want to know anything“, revealed Paula Varela in Partners of the Show (the thirteen).

Later the panelist added: “He does not ignore the issues of adolescent girls and He has had very unfortunate comments that Nicole has not known how to deal with. as a mother or put a limit on it, that’s why the girl decided to walk away”, he assured.

Finally, Varela assured: “Apparently, I would have told him ‘you are mediocre’ and ‘that way you won’t get anywhere’. It is also said that Nicole is a very demanding mother,” said the panelist.

Some time later, Fabián Cubero was consulted about these sayings and he was forceful in his statement: “I I have nothing to talk about. What I have to do is talk to my daughter, advise her, guide her. To all my daughters, in this case specifically to her.”

In turn, the former soccer player decided to talk about living with his eldest daughter, and confirmed that he continues to live with him, Mica Viciconte and Luca Cubero. “Indiana has been living with us for more than a year,” he assured. The thing is that, even though the young woman managed to rebuild her relationship with her mother, she decided to continue in her father’s house.

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