The absence of Infanta Sofía at the family reunion before her definitive step forward

The absence of Infanta Sofía at the family reunion before her definitive step forward
The absence of Infanta Sofía at the family reunion before her definitive step forward

Next Saturday, Princess Leonor (18 years old) will have a very special visit to the General Military Academy of Zaragoza. King Felipe VI (56 years old) and Queen Letizia (51 years old) will preside over a commemorative event and will be able to enjoy a few hours with her eldest daughter. However, The great absentee in this event will be Infanta Sofía (17 years old), since he is in Wales and will not be able to accompany his family at a time when his institutional role within the Spanish monarchy is being defined.

The Spanish monarchs are getting used to the fact that their daughters have flown the nest, as they say. The Princess of Asturias spent two years at the boarding school in Wales and upon her return her military career began. The youngest daughter of the Kings This is his first year away from the Palacio de la Zarzuela who also just turned 17 just a few days ago, making different headlines in the international press.

The reunion of the Spanish royal family

Tomorrow an event will take place in Zaragoza that commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Flag Oath of the XLIV promotion of the General Military Academy. In this event the role of the son of the emeritus king Juan Carlos I will be the protagonist, since the renewal of the flag oath along with his classmates. But Felipe will not be alone even though he is one of the protagonists and the Spanish Royal House also confirmed Letizia’s presence.

All cadets will be able to enjoy this event but there will be one person who will be especially excited. She is the heir to the Spanish Crown, since she will be able to see her parents after a few weeks without being able to do so. The last time they were together was in Easter holidayswhich he had to quickly abandon in order to return to the Academy and thus continue his academic training within the Army.

In any case, Leonor’s parents will take advantage of the visit to have some private meeting with his daughter. It is common that in these types of events they can hold conversations in privacy, once all the protocols have been completed. Furthermore, it will also be very likely that Infanta Elena’s brother will address her daughter and her companions in her speech, since on previous occasions he has not tried to hide her fatherly pride in this sense.

The absence of Infanta Sofía at the family reunion

As is well known, the little one of the house is studying her international baccalaureate at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales. Furthermore, she is immersed in the last quarter of her first year away from Zarzuela. Since she left for the British country they have been Counted the times he has returned to our countrycoinciding mainly with some vacations or with some notable event that required their presence.

This Saturday her parents and older sister will miss her, since she will not be able to be present at said meeting. However, it is totally understandable, since her academic responsibilities come before her to be able to finish the course and follow in her sister’s footsteps in this regard. Besides, in June he will return to enjoy her well-deserved vacation and will be able to be with her older sister before she begins her journey at the Marín Military Naval School (Pontevedra).

Infanta Sofía’s definitive step forward

Since Infanta Sofía can remember, she has been able to know the differences between her sister and her. We are referring to the fact that Leonor will become the future Queen of Spain while she will remain in a secondary role. In fact, this is the only difference between them, since their parents have wanted to instill the same values ​​in both of them, regardless of what their future is in the monarchy of our country.

In any case, Queen Sofia’s little granddaughter has already begun to design her roadmap and, above all, to define the role you will have within the institution. In fact, just a few days ago her presence in a solo event was confirmed, being the first for her, as confirmed by National Heritage with the awarding of the prizes for a photography contest.

However, Infanta Sofía is passionate about photography and perhaps this is the reason why she becomes the protagonist. “She is very passionate about photography and she is going to have a great weight. She knows what her role is, she knows that the real protagonist is her sister, but she wants society to know her. From now on we are going to get to know her more,” said Alejandro Entrambasaguas a few days ago in ‘Fiesta’. In addition, his passion for sports and, specifically, for football is also well known. Therefore, some of the events he has attended are related to said sport and his presence at its events is in accordance with his hobbies and personal tastes.

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