Ángel Cristo’s reaction to the expulsion of Arantxa del Sol

Ángel Cristo’s reaction to the expulsion of Arantxa del Sol
Ángel Cristo’s reaction to the expulsion of Arantxa del Sol

Survivors 05/03/2024 00:32h.

Arantxa del Sol, expelled from ‘Survivors.’

After Arkano was saved during ‘No Man’s Land’, Rubén Torres, Miri Pérez and Arantxa del Sol They faced the expulsion of the night with many nerves.

Laura Madrueño started with the salvation ceremonyArantxa, Miri and Rubén waited expectantly for the rope that the presenter was going to cut to find out who was still nominated.

This was the salvation of Rubén Torres

“The first survivor who remains nominated and will face expulsion tonight is… “Arantxa del Sol”intoned Laura Madrueño, who cut the survivor’s rope and the mud from the bucket fell on her.

Now, between Miri and Rubén Torres, the presenter did the same ritual again to cut Miri’s rope, who was still nominated and, therefore, Rubén Torres was saved from expulsion and continued in the contest. Something I did the firefighter explodes with joywho gave thanks for salvation.

This is how Rubén Torres lived, being saved from expulsion

Miri Pérez wins in the duel against Arantxa del Sol

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After this salvation, the duel for expulsion was going to be between Arantxa and Miri, that already in the palapa, they listened, very attentively, from the mouth of Jorge Javier Vazquez the name of the expelled person.

Although before, the presenter asked for a reflection on each one. “In ‘Survivors’ I am happy, I have been happy and I will be happy as long as you leave me and whether I am here or not I will be happy,” Miri intoned. “I have also learned to be happy in ‘Survivors’ and I would like to continue learning, continue fighting with my teammates,” said Arantxa.

“The public has decided to save Miri from expulsion”, the presenter intoned, something that made her jump for joy: “Thank you, Spain.” Miri hugged her ex-husband and asked her forgiveness for the moment: “Arantxa, I’m sorry, I was very happy.”

Miri wins the duel against Arantxa del Sol in the expulsiontelecinco.es

Angel Christ He seemed very surprised to hear Arantxa’s name as expelled and both did not even say goodbye, although he did say something out loud: “‘Good bye’, with a stopover in Paraguay.” And Arantxa also made it clear that she had already “said goodbye to everyone” even though Bárbara Rey’s son did not get up to say goodbye.

Although he realized that he had not done it from Arkano, who was trying to overcome his challenge of more than 24 hours rapping. The already expelled woman took the opportunity to run to the nominations set to say goodbye to Arkano, the one who rapped some farewell words to him.

Laura Marueño He said goodbye to the expelled woman with some emotional words: “I’m terribly sorry that you’re leaving. and you don’t know how much we appreciate that your return to television has been here. You have been an inspiration for many of us throughout these days of adventure, congratulations on your time on ‘Survivors’.

Something I also did Jorge Javier: “I would like to tell you my television partner, I love being part of this medium and I loved that you have returned to television with ‘Survivors’ and We are waiting with open arms to listen to you on the sets.” And that Arantxa del Sol was grateful just before grabbing his jacket and leaving the palapa.

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